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Yes, this is wonderful. Great work, as usual.

Ah and now I see the loot log. :)

Likewise - I think an item(spell?) book and a bestiary would make a great addition

Nice! I like this a lot. Does anything happen after the lights go out, or am I just wasting my time continuing to play? :)


So I don't know if this is the preferred method, but I finally figured this out:

  • Magic items require MANA. Each item has a specific mana cost. If you don't have enough mana to cast an ability, you can hold the attack button to convert TIME into MANA.

This is so fun, but I can't figure out 2-4 (no, don't tell me!)

I got the slot machine to turn green then there was a short cut scene at the bar, saying something about the bathroom and then black screen. Is that the end?

Does this just end with a black screen?

If you put a candle in there it adds light to the two plant spaces on top. I don't know if that matters, but...

What plant can go in the fridge? 

And of course I asked my wife to test it and she got 60 moves on level one. That's got to be the minimum. Right?

As far as I know, the best score possible on level 1 is 62 moves. Can anyone beat it? The rest of the levels I am just smashing the arrow keys, so I have no idea.