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Yes, I should feel shame at playing in unranked, but I was trying to hard to get the Rainbow Slime recipe and didn't want to destroy my ranking. Haha

That is a lot of knives. :)

Honestly, I'm as surprised as anyone that my six banana build didn't pay off.

Nice work!

Of all the games in the jam, this is the only one that works on mobile. Also it was pretty fun. 3.90k. Nice work.

I like clicking. But, for some reason the autoclicker stopped working and I had to refresh to get it going again. Other than that, this is simple but fun.

Oh, I would also like a way to select through wallpaper/mouse icons that I have already bought, rather than randomly buying them until I find the one I like.

ALSO! What does 'advanced mode' do? It seems like nothing?

Fantastic! I know this story all too well. :))

I accidentally cut all my green cards and I guess there is no way to get them back except reset. :(

It seems like you can buy a bunch of Titan orbs while only using 1 of each other orb. Shouldn't it be 1 Titan per 1 of each other? Or is that too hard?

This is perfect.

That's kind of what I was thinking. Like you collect a certain amount of crafting materials for each new player character and then make them (summon them?). Anyway, you could make different materials more or less rare so it would generally be easier to unlock lower level characters, but there would still be some amount of randomness and/or planning behind which characters you unlock first.

I like #4 as well, and maybe instead of achievements there could be special items that drop randomly and are then used to 'craft' (for lack of a better term) a new playable character.  Good luck! :)


Oh one other thing, I wonder if it is possible to show the explanation of the prestige items after you buy them. I know I purchased them, but I can't figure out what they do afterwards.

I like this a lot. One minor issue is that some of the upgrades kind of overlap (like fuel and armor) so I didn't notice they were both there for a while. Aside from that, excellent game.

It sounds awesome, but the colonists never show up for me. :(

Ok this is beautiful. I have one minor issue, and maybe I am just missing it. I wish there was a way to adjust the volume (in the web version).

Fantastic as usual. Great work, watabou. 

I got to level 15 but then fell off the map. This is fun. At the middle levels, like 4-8 or so it is kind of hard to notice the difference in scale. Also, I assume that in the future this will be multiplayer, which will be awesome. 

One minor nitpick: When the yellow dots are falling you can't collect them, and sometimes you hit them far away. Also, they seem to fall really slowly sometimes. Aside from that, I had so much fun.


Yes, this is wonderful. Great work, as usual.

Ah and now I see the loot log. :)

Likewise - I think an item(spell?) book and a bestiary would make a great addition

Nice! I like this a lot. Does anything happen after the lights go out, or am I just wasting my time continuing to play? :)


So I don't know if this is the preferred method, but I finally figured this out:

  • Magic items require MANA. Each item has a specific mana cost. If you don't have enough mana to cast an ability, you can hold the attack button to convert TIME into MANA.

This is so fun, but I can't figure out 2-4 (no, don't tell me!)

I got the slot machine to turn green then there was a short cut scene at the bar, saying something about the bathroom and then black screen. Is that the end?

Does this just end with a black screen?

If you put a candle in there it adds light to the two plant spaces on top. I don't know if that matters, but...

What plant can go in the fridge? 

And of course I asked my wife to test it and she got 60 moves on level one. That's got to be the minimum. Right?

As far as I know, the best score possible on level 1 is 62 moves. Can anyone beat it? The rest of the levels I am just smashing the arrow keys, so I have no idea.