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it's out

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this game was weird and cool i liked it i want you to make a sequel ik this is a joke game but pls make a sequel like a orange man or apple man 2 pls just pls... Or even make more updates on this like for example add more story to it sooo when you get the gold apple you have to escape and then the apple man is chasing after you and then when you escape your curious about the place and you want to go back to see what's up and when you do so it teleports you to a new level, storyline or part.

all the games you made were really cool this one is ONE of my favourite games you've made so far keep making games and have a great time i believe in you normal mate!

Idk when ill be releasing this

Its only for windows you can even see the windows sign

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Where's the download? did you remove it or is it somewhere else

Aight so the thing is that when i have my internet turned on it crashes, but when i have my internet off it works.

Ima be honest this game was cool i played trough the entire game about 20 times i think it's cool i even played the mobile version, the mobile version is also good.

thank you for telling me

i played this even though it's not the full i still had fun so i suggest on making the full version or baldi's basics version with this engine

i played this and for some 'reason' it reminds me of half life somehow like half life but survival and horror but the game itself is really cool and i really like it.

i wish baldina came back and would be popular again

this was an actual good horror game with a actual creature in it wow

Cool i wish you good luck on your school degree and i can't wait also good luck on making yourself successful

when is full game coming out? couse this was one of those good fnaf fangames

update please and make skins or something its been a long time since i heard of this game

this game doesnt even wanna open i was upset i couldnt try it couse it looks fun and i downloaded it tried to open it but it doesnt even open

DIRE community · Created a new topic please make pc version

please make pc version without a oculus or vr headset

yea please make light head game or lamp head

make a full game

i did too

i know this is a part of a jam but you really need to make a sequel or a part 2 of this game or continue this game

i beat it and trough this whole gameplay all of the game were a suprise and were good merry christmas/happy new year!

update ur engine pls

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make android pls


can you make santa cookie 3 or a christmas horror game since its december and almost christmas

ill try it thank you for your help

tried opening the game and it gave me a error idk if its couse i need no windows editor or something but ive tried so many time and it happened to all of the games u made and i tried playing them and it wont work


ok cool good luck hope for the best

are you planning to make steam version of siren head resurrection

i have beaten the game am i one of the 000%001 to complete this game

Pls make android so more players can play