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i love the art, the music is a banger too!

Yes I love the whole Witch Delivery Game saga

Just a suggestion for next Station is it ok if we don't have to find the monsters every time and have some sort of day care?

What do use to create these comics?

what do you mean?


what palette was used just intrested

thats pretty lit man


which one is the full version then?

how do I download all at once?

so is this one free???

so the demo is: HEARTBEAT - Windows (Demo v0.22)

what program was used to create this???

is this free???

yey my man! thnx for hearing me!

i know but... I really like your scratch games. come back soon! keep the work up thanks to your scratch games my platforming coding is more polished!

pssst joellikespig/ Jconway1 whens your next game coming???

what did that mean?

can u fix the bug it looks so good i wanna play t but it says error something to do with a sprite drawing

yah the mind sword looks cool

ha i finally won the game! and found all secrets the plant dude is the most powerful

never mind i found it tho the keys 1 2 3 don't work in the game

i did not see the attack key or which is it

oh thanks man I was able to find that tho from like 2 days after the post i a made thnx!

how do you attack

howdy get the other creatures?

overtov is toooo hard for me givin me nightmares tho nice game

is it free?

does it need any more programs?

is the download free???

is it freeee?


thnx sooo much


is this free?

is this free?

is this free checkin because me is new so...