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Big fan of wife quest and kawaii deathu desu, can't wait for this game! Will it have a console release as well?

Already backed on Kickstarter, hope it reaches the goal

I love the art style! The girls are so cute!!!

Already played on PC but might pick up on ps4 as well! Congrats guys!

Get well soon, no rush. I am excited for the new update though!

Congrats on the release. I'll be getting the deluxe edition soon!

Super excited for the full release!

Ill check it out, thanks

been super excited for a new update, glad its finally here

Sidequest girls sound like a great idea

Just curious if this is still being worked on? I finally played it, unlocking all scenes and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait to see (Spoilers) what waits through the portal.

Really great game, can't wait for future updates!

Wow these upcoming updates sound amazing. I can't wait!

Are you able to go to areas other than the grasslands?

Super cute and really fun! I can't wait for future updates.

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Amazing art and a really fun idle game. I do have one major issue though, the bj skill is glitched for me. It's frozen at 001 and never resets, even when closing out of the game.