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WOW, a really incredible game, its too good, i was playing like a hour and a half just to coquest all the islands, i would like a see a full version with more features.

theres any plan to make a more features?, i really would pay for this, keep the great work

i like the and how you pay attencion to the suggestions that the players write and i appreciatte that, also i think using this method we can give all the advices to make the game better.

Playing a bit, you can notice that, when you attack other troops theres no skirmish sound like swords hiting, people screaming, or buildings burning ( or collapsing). would be nice some additional sound or effect.

Of course this isnt a priority, im just want to mention some of other things that would make the game better :)

Any plans fro make it multi-language feature?

Man ,First I want to congrats you for this game, is f*cking amazing. I usually play games like this (RTS) and this is something that i never see before and its great. its simple and funny , obviously its only a demo and its in devlopment,  i think this could be an excellent game hope you continue this project