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Ok so its 3am, I'm a little sick, and there I was scrawling through itch for some multiplayer games to play with my friends and Somehow stumbled across this game "OASES." It speaks to the attention span of myself and probably many gamers that after only like a minute and a half I was ready to quit after admitting that the art direction and music was stellar but the slow and tranquil flying mechanics just weren't pulling me in. I was enjoying the music though and figured I'd just try and fly to the end of the level and see if anything happens. Well it does, I won't spoil it for you but I will say I went from lazily enjoying the experience to tears in two sentences. I ended up replaying about four more times. I highly recommend playing at least once. Don't watch anything on it. Just enjoy.

See you in the psycholelic skies pilot.

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What an adorable game! Gorgeous art style. Short and sweet :3