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This game is a blast, and I really love the interrogation methods.  It feels nostalgic, and yet unique and new.  My only drawback is that I keep getting stuck between the walls and because I can't save my files, I keep having to restart the game.  But other than that, I love the game enough to keep restarting to try and get back to where I was because the story is so compelling and fun.  Keep up the good work! 

Let me just say, before now there has NEVER been a game where every single route interested me.  But my god, Cinderella Phenomenon has done it so well.  Every route is thoughtful and immersive in its own right, and the buildup of twists has me shook every single time I play a new route.  Even though I grew emotionally attached to Karma (my beautiful sword-wielding child), I never felt distracted from the other routes because one route was better than another (they were all equally phenomenal).  Also, I really, really appreciate that the general storyline varies for each character.  Even in paid games, it’s often the same plot but just with a different love interest, but the weaving of stories is genuinely remarkable in this game.  It was so fun to just try and piece together each character’s secrets, especially because the main character (in all her angst) is remarkably likable.  There is never a moment where she feels like just another plot device, but rather she’s this calm, collected enigma who no one can seem to figure out.  And, even from the beginning of the story her woes are so beautifully justified that it’s hard not to want to take her side in every argument, because you know what she truly struggles with even when she keeps a calm face for the other characters.  She’s so stunningly dynamic and relatable that she very well may be my favorite main character of all time.  That, and the fact that the game plays the concept of right/wrong SO WELL because in reality, everyone believes they are in the right and justified in their actions.  Even with characters that are all too easy to hate, they still have these well thought out weaknesses that make them hard to despise completely.  It’s also a cool concept that just based on who the main character chooses to pair with at the beginning has such a large effect on who lives/who dies, the ultimate villain, etc.  I literally can’t sing enough praises for this game.  I’m an English major and a total literature nerd and because of that reading into plot has become second nature, and thus a lot of times plot gets boring because it’s too generic/just filler/etc.  I can say with confidence that there was never a single moment in the entire game where I felt bored or uninterested.  I pride myself on being able to see twists coming, and there were multiple times in every route where I would gasp aloud and laugh with shock because every reveal is just THAT good.  I love that every piece of information is actually relevant to the plot and not just filler, and I especially love all the clever little references to the original Brothers Grimm and other German tales.  Sorry for the excited little rant, but I hope it just shows how much I truly appreciate all the work put into this game.  You should be very proud of such an amazing masterpiece.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!