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No problem, man! No need to apologize. The game feels good. Also, I love the fact that is based on a Machado de Assis' story hahaha =D

Really sweet game! I loved it. Although it was a little bit sad and confusing to play it by myself hahah. Regardless, I liked how you used both characters to cooperate with each other - side note, 2nd level is kind of broken, as you can just use the double jump to go straight to the most right platform and end up not needing the boxes. The game has a very nice theme too. Is there a way to properly reset the puzzles (with the boxes as well)?

Quite short game, but I really like how you used the mechanics. I felt there was definitely more room between one level and the other towards the end, but I understand it was a game jam and time was short. I really liked how you used the wall jump in a way that felt different from previous runners like that. Good job!

Hey man, I really like the tone and feel of your game. The mechanics are pretty cool as well. I understand that, due to the lack of time, you didn't have time to explore them that much, but, if you plan to keep working on it - and you should, because it deserves that love - you could add more stages between one new mechanic and the other. I felt all of the puzzles were kind of "one offs" exploring a new thing. Anyway, great game!