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the parasite show felt like how people in the vampire nightclub feel when they see baby colin robinson do his little jig in wwdits. also i really enjoyed what this says about choice and the human/fish experience. i really relate to the barbed wire monologue at the end, and for once it is nice to know other people are going through it. the environments are some of the most captivating ive ever seen, they seem to be almost alive, and they feel like they are the places that my thoughts lingered in as a child. if that makes any sense. the lighting was crazy too!!! i fucking loved this game thank you. ill be thinking about it for a while i think.

!!! holy shit. 

I was just wondering if anyone had any way to use stepmania maps in chainsaw dance? i want to use my dance pad along with the game but i am extremely terrible at using it ! so easy stepmania/ddr maps are really the only way im able to play, since even easy osu!mania maps are too hard for me. if not thats fine ! 

!! this is such a good rpg, i just played it and im looking forward to playing more :) It really calmed me down, and I didn't even know I wasn't calm. Its such a soothing experience

this literally  made my day omg,,, thank you so much for making this!!!

awwwwww this game was so wholesome :)