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just finished up to 7. ruri and shion best girls, may ruri get a route?

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while a browser based game is interesting, is there a reason it cannot be downloaded and played locally?

also checked it the first time and theres a log in reward system, what is this a gacha? im very confused, it unfocused if its not a gacha game or online game. if it is a gacha i fear you may be biting off more than you can chew?

in positive news im managing to play like a menace and immediately passed out the second i left arane's house during the first night dinner.

having your younger family do your porn animations. giga chad dev XD

i once again wish for a masturbation scene with aura (the gold shop slime) she mentioned it and i feel we should have an option.

but what about ushiris? can we ask how masturbation works for her? her tail doesnt look like it'd help. her claws certainly wont.

love to see more progress. hope your voice feels better soon. didnt know you used text to speech to write this. how does the sex scenes work? do you live alone because otherwise thats gotta be really awkward.

while thighjobs arent all that my cup of tea, a lipbite might just bump it up. looking forward to it!

well no one is asking for your game, especially your first game to be perfect thats why were giving you pointers on things that are lacking or off.

slime girl is a major girl? well that makes my day! aspasia is number 1, ashley is number 2 and celica number 3! 

oh traditional alchemy? thats interesting ill have to look more into that. kabbal is like that alchemical tree and sephira no?

yes it is your first game and so far its great, honestly so far the lack of character interaction was my only complaint and hearing it'll be alleviated is great!

so that explains the error. for the mean time you could just remove the red streak in her hair and itll match alot better, shouldnt take more than 30 seconds? could be a good stop gap until you're able to recomission it.

i suppose cluttered and difficult to parse works for deep dense woods. fair enough, i suppose i also never took the time to really look at it deeply. i mean ai is advanced. it could be useful for the more general background such as woods or lakes? im not saying you wouldnt likely get a bunch of flak or something for daring use ai but its always an option if one that comes with significant draw backs.

holidays has so far been good. hope your holidays have been good!.

dont force yourself to reply to each of my messages i have nothing but time and unlike you im not working on a game.

thanks for answering some of my questions!

no no it was christmas so take all the time you need! though i have some questions about the world and some light criticisms to share, nothing too bad i promise.

for the first question is aspasia the slime girl a main heroine? like will she get an ending? i immediatly singled her out as favorite waifu.

with the world, the magic is seperated into dense/subtle, immobile/mobile, and  sharp/blunt if i recall. but that doesnt seem to make sense in a few ways. 

water i assume wouble be subtle-mobile-sharp

air would be subtle-mobile-blunt or sharp 

earth would be -dense-immobile-blunt

and fire would be subtle mobile-sharp

most seem mobile or sharp or some combination, it seems only earth is immobile so it seems strange to have an entirely label for solely earth, am i misunderstandign something here?

for my criticisms, ill say im at badon and im shopping with ashley. but ive noticed now that im out of the prologue suddenly its very one on one, i dont really see the characters interact all that much and it seems alot less energetic and fun. im enjoying spending time with and seeing each girl's story but not seeing interact with each other or as a large group has been a bit saddening. does this change later on or are their plans for more group content?

my second criticism is directly relating to one of sarah's CG. her boobjob CG has a red streak in her hair and doesnt really resemble sarah all that much if at all, it looks more like a Azur lane character.

toward the background statement i think they serve their purpose reasonable well but some of the backgrounds like the deepwoods background can be rather difficult to parse and understand, its a very messy background with no real center or core to focus on,

still loving the game!

decided to check this out because screw it im bored and what can i say? absolutely blown away. im at the very start having just gotten back to the village. but the characters are all unique and distinct.

for one this story is actually good? most types of these games i skip through because its porn i just want get off. but while i initially had no real interest i was won over quite quickly. The vocabulary is suprisingly good, with words like servitor being used which is a very seldom used word. 

The humor while excessive in some places is by no means bad, it's gotten audible laughter out of me and regularly gets chuckles.

the intereactions are wonderful too, you very regularly get to make choices that at least change a few lines and helps with player agency. seeing the different characters react and interact with one another is a real joy.

the art is unexpected. i half expect more ai art but while i wouldnt say this art competes with professional studios its certainly up there in terms of itch in general.

the content as of now is qite nice from the word count provided. too many times a game is released with about 10 minutes of content and it takes upward of a year to be even worth a damn.

this is turning into a review but no matter. the gameplay i...dont really know i cheated i just am very much hesitant to play too many turn based games.

as a final aside i will simply state the game is certifiably one of the better ones ive seen on Itch, Initially impressions id rank it near monster girl dreams or maybe kings fall.

the author said this was their first game and GOD DAMN did they knock it out of the park! Full steam ahead Cry this is top tier!

more stuff with ushiris? sign me up!

the story and art is top notch, the only issue i have with the game is the h scenes are so short and to the point they feel more meaningless than tantalizing.

the white haired maid is finally here!

hoping to see more of ushiris, total waifu

runey take time. nothing you force yourself to do will have the same quality. id gladly wait a year for an update if it meant you took the time to grieve and process things. try to enjoy your vacation as much as thats possible. dont worry about harem hotel. it and we will be here waiting.

wow im impressed. several moments have made me laugh. first the initial assault with for me steve the electrician. but pretty much anything to do with the protag as hes basically a non genre savvy deadpool which is a colossal compliment. the girls are super interesting and fun.

the animated scenes are unexpected and humorous.

id say my only complaint thus far is we turned down a jelly girl waifu. but at least we got a blue skinned alien waifu in exchange.

end of chapter 2. update can't come fast enough. i cant wait to see more of morgan!

the adding of a new floor that has a lounge area would open the idea for other rooms like an arcade or something. but yea the phone idea sounds like a great idea, maybe have nudes sent to you be available as wall papers? 

all these ideas seem like they require significant reworks to the game through and through however 1 would be tough enough as is let alone all of them. would implementing all these even be a feasible enough idea? i love thinking outside the box, but spending time brainstorming ideas for something that wouldnt work regardless doesnt seem fruitful

ah a brother in tiny arms.

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i ask again if we'll be able to lewd the fairies in Ashley's room.

for a non lustful suggestion how about customizing the interior of the hotel? maybe Victorian gothic or Greek or Japanese or elvish styles? could be a really easy addition if its only cosmetic

So are you a part of the team like a moderator because you seem to be everywhere regarding hh

sarcastic come on now.

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and with a new update comes new questions, Saint Abby will there be h scenes? 

also i keep seeing a character Runey (dev) whenever i try to go to the church. when do we lewd Runey?

so no mirai scenes? my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

will akira and nobume get scenes at least?

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is there a specific way were supposed to go for the bar? i know its the main passive income. but it just feels weird to turn into a hermit for 4 months until 600 is saved up.

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I discovered the entity is male apparently and its unfortunate I'm straight XD but I'm glad they're romancable for those inclined! Some people throw a fit at inclusivity options but I'm fully a cis straight male in the game and the options for those dont affect me in anyway.

Good on you for letting anyone be who they want to be in this!

so i recently started and im probably a complete weirdo but...can i romance the entitiy?

Who are you to deny their love !? understandable thank you for the response. great game by the way, love the lore and feel of the game.

any possibility of romancing kham? bush waifu best!

see this is why runey is one of the best devs. not only is the game top tier, but hes willing to work with people like this too!

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You're lucky you're a kick ass dude chang or i'd be mighty weirded out you popped up out of eternum...but knowing his character and how he shows up kinda makes sense.

so uhh that cute pink haired girl in the back ground occasionally is gonna show up right? Not just some background character right?...right.

probably an odd question to ask on the 0.4 build but i had stayed away since 0.2 until 0.4 came out and haven't beat 0.3 yet. but will wenlin get a H scene? the fairy girl? would love it if she got a scene with some fairy play in it. finding fairy stuff can be difficult sometimes.

sick sounds awesome thank you!

there is an undo button. down at the bottom along the menu, the very left most button 'back' you can go back preceding the choice and select a new one.

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I've kept away for awhile, since 0.2 in favor of getting 0.4 which would be around double the content.

just 1 or 2 questions

1. will this game have routes?  like in standard Japanese's Visual novels, will the girl's have their own dedicated ends?

2. Eva pops up and then just vanishes, Is she a main character or a one off? id love to see more of her. Her design and character is fascinating.

edit: just saw eva is the face of the other's section, damn, either way hope to see more of her.

If you answer these questions much obliged, fantastic game as usual!

yea i get the day evening night and dead night chats but no matter how much i progress the day at the top right is 1

ok then i am officially on a broken save. my day is constantly day 1 and wont progress. not sure how i broke it, wish i could submit a report but i have no idea what i did to break it.

well lilac is at event 1/11 so shes pretty low. but i talk to her at night and absolutely nothing happens she just asks if she should loosen up. ive selected both options and nothing happens.

meanwhile mira doesnt appear at night


ive reached a road block. i need to progress with lilac but need to get closer to mira first, but in order to get closer to mira i need to get closer to lilac somehow. meanwhile the story is stuck because im not close enough to chelsey who i cant progress with until im closer to lilac. 

i dont know how i did it but i cant progess anymore.