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@Piyo; Thank you!

@Tim Krief: Indeed. 

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Short story of Multiversea: Humandkind finally found a way and they went through a wormhole, discovered a new universe. Our new universe is called "Multiversea". In this universe, we turned into fish kind which caused to us evolve again in a different way. And we are protecting our Sea World from unknown space enemies.

Day 1: Conceptual Artwork 

Even though we are not artists, we are trying our best to making best fitting assets for the game. Here is some conceptual works:

Main character & Sea background

Some Space background. We will integrate with sea background with shining stars!

It's really hard to draw what you think in digital life or real life. Our respect has increased a lot to artists! :D

Day 2: Finishing Artwork and Getting into Code!

After finishing art part, we've digged into coding. Before showing you mechanics, let's look at our fishy-fishy heroic character and badass NPC.

We've also met with our great music composer friend. You can check his works from here: 

Aaand coding time! We've added healthbar, mouse aiming, shooting, npcs movement and here is our demo gif:

We are planning to finish game tomorrow. Let's see what will happen ^^

Day 3: We are done!

Because of the last day, we've focused very well on project for whole night and we've complete spawning, shooting mechanics, particle effects, menu scenes, score bar, re-playing, sounds(thanks to Benjo!) and fixed some small bugs. Even though we were inexperienced on Godot, we've handled development process very easily . It's really powerful engine and easiest one to use(thanks to engine devs and community). That's it, we are pretty happy! Feel free to try our game and giving some feedbacks <3 Aaand don't forget to tell us your highest score :)


If you wonder about source code here is github: