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Anselmo A. Peretto

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If I'm going to pointing out all the things I liked about the game, I'll quote it all. I missed a triumphant ending, but nothing that disappoints. A great game!!! 5/5



Thanks! I appreciate that. :)

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Perfect! Now I can say I use Bitsy Vanilla.

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I did 11/11! Bravo!

I confess that I gave up ~3 times in that loop of thorns. One of the best PICO-8 games I've ever played. What a beautiful ending! Congratulations!

Chess Pieces


What a wonderful trip!

"No humans".

Thanks for your appreciation and specially for the jam. :)

When you realize that it's just two parallel paths it turns more easily. Thank you!

Thanks for your appreciation. :)

Hi. I don't use Windows, but how about a browser version? Considering the screenshots, I like the palette and the mood of the game. :)

Thanks! Yeah, that projection works a lot! :)

Thank you for playing! ^^

Yeah, it's a very limited platform, but I'll make some more challenges. Thanks for your review. :)

Thanks for your review! :)

Thanks! \o/

Thanks for playing the game Todemann! I want to play other people games too to write such nice comments/reviews like yours. :)

Hello Peter. Thank you for your appreciation. Yeah, that exit directions don't have a good usability... I tried to use the arrows, but I can't remember why I abandoned the idea, but good tip!!! My tiles and music are 100% original for the game... each game I start again and again, to improve the imagination [1]. I'm a kind of newbie in gamedev, but always play Atari and MS-DOS games. Certainly you got a new follower too. :)

[1] "Without abstractions and limitations, our imagination and engineering become useless."

Thanks for your appreciation! :)

Thanks for such nice words. :)


I worked on the instructions. Now it's more clear.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it. :)

Oh, your game is so cool and smooth to play!

Thanks for the advice. Please, notice if that instructions are clear now.

Thanks for the advice. Please, notice if that instructions are clear now.

Inevitável e contundentemente tocante!

Thanks you for your appreciation!!!

murky 🌁

Sometimes I think as the enemies of the game haha, thank you!

Oh yeah, thank you for your comment! :)

I'm so happy that you played till the end. Comments like yours worth the hard work.

Thank you for your comment. It's good to know that you liked it. :)

Original Gauntlet (NES) vs. Mini-Gauntlet Room 1:

Original Gauntlet (NES) vs. Mini-Gauntlet Room 2:

Yep, there's no such action yet, but maybe next versions. Thanks for the contribution.