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i don't like how the fem options arms are bent inward. i know its a common pose for women characters but it seems frail and unnecessarily accentuates the chest. Also, the gender neutral option is very masc. I don't agree with the people saying to make them skinnier. maybe soften the jawline?

I really love these new options, though! they look amazing

hey! im going to use this gui for my game demo, and possibly the full version. i was hoping to credit you, if that's alright. what would you like to be credited as and would you like me to link any of your socials and/or this account?

This was so sweet! And surprisingly wholesome :D You're a great writer

this is such a fun game! i was afraid it would be too hard for me but its easy to get the hang of. i think sometimes the heart and hammer spawn behind houses, which is kind of annoying but doesn't happen enough to make me actually angry... or im just bad at finding them lol

ah im not the person who made this game haha! the fast response was a coincidence im afraid

on the back wall right behind the computer is a big menu that you can press e on to see the recipes :] the whipped topping is just foam

I had such bad luck when playing this haha! I only did short answers cause I wanted a quick way to flesh out a new character of mine but my dice were against me. At the end I promised 5/6 offerings and didn't even make it out! But it was still fun and I DID flesh out my character :]

I played online with my friends a couple days ago and everything was fine. There might be something wrong with you or your friend's computer

This is such a fun game with so much creative freedom! I love the "with friends" setting lol, always fun to have your character gloss over their bi-weekly corpse email while their friends demand to file a police report

If this game blew up Dr. Krueger would totally become a tumblr sexyman

loved the game so much i became a patron :) can't wait for the full thing and am happy to help