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How is work going? Still eagerly waiting for armed combat :) Good luck for your developing!

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Hi. I'm hopping also for discord train as own discord for kinstrife would be useful. How is weaponized combat forming up?

About the striking methods, the old one is still better for me. Chained attacks are also really good (in the easy mode or what it is called)

I also still prefer that camera stops moving while attacking because it feels very floaty when camera moves while charging attack. 

But really great update all in all. 

ps. Are physics working under 60fps? I get 140fps ingame or so and still movement seem like it's working somewhere between 30-40?

I got this answer few days ago

Due to popular demand we're going to add an early version of armed combat (with some low-level weapons), as well as a more performant brawl scene on high priority. Hopefully this won't last more than a few weeks, but don't pin us down on it!

Sounds really cool! Thank you for answering!

How far away is armed combat? Can't wait to smash some heads with swords and axes!

I have gtx 770, i5 4670k and 16gb ram at 64bit OS. Main menu and Armory works at 45/60+ fps (almost smoothly) as squad show case and caste run at 30 or below.

Still the potential is great. For me this lands somewhere between exanima and overgrowth (where exanima is my all time favourite and overgrowth is good but still meh) Not bad at all for an alpha preview!

Best regards to you!

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This is good and I can totally see the potential with this! I only hope that performance would be fixed asap. Ofc that might not be first concern yet