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A member registered Jun 01, 2015

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I'm really looking forward to it! Yeah, I was being very overcritical of the game while playing it, but I remember since you're the only one really doing the work outside the art, there's an accomplished amount of progress! I mean I think the one 3D background that was a placeholder so far that impressed me was the cafe one.

The UI as an whole could be cool if revamped a little. I recommend going with a more casual san serif font myself. You definitely got me caught into Spencer's story at the moment though and was surprised when I heard music honestly. I can't wait to see more additions and improvements.

So far, one thing that's really just jarring to me is the 2d sprites and 3d backgrounds. I'd also really recommend working on that text box and please. This does have some potential, but it's really jarring for the sprites and the background to be two different ways. Also, the lack of music is killing me. Even if it's just "test" tracks, I'd find something you could borrow to portray a mood. Or sfx you could use:

* Cafe sounds - People talking or a light wind
* Library - Clock ticking

It seems good but it has a lot of room to grow.