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I really liked it. And I can't wait to see the kinda things you make in the future. Also, sorry for my lateness.

After the Markus says that you could ask for a kiss , the sprites pile on top one another.

"Why is no much pain necessary to make my heart race...."

when he says "Yeah, dea?"  during the sexy scene, it's blank like when Dea is thinking rather than his name

That's really all I found that hasn't already been said. It really was a great game. Also, I hope that the fact I didn't write more than necessary wasn't a  problem. 

This game was simply wonderful. I liked all the aspects from the twists to the guessing. I liked the pure boi surprise and how I feel like I did things in the perfect order. I liked the concept. I can't wait to see what could become of this world.

Alright! Uhh, see you then...

and thank you for letting me help! 

I'll volunteer if that's alright.

Hey! I know it's kinda late in the jam, but I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate on a game. I'm fine being an artist or writer, but I have trouble making  sprites.

so I guess i'm looking for an artist. If anyone is interested, my Discord is AlwaysCray#8780

The same thing happens to me. I wondered if it was just my laptop, but it might be something else.

Gosh. I cant wait for the full game!