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Awesome game but can there be some accessibility options? I couldn't read the red text on the background. 

This isn't a bad idea

These mechanics are really well done and super consistent!

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I can't help but feel like I've played something similar.

The flying controls are good. The camera is also nice, I like how it lowers when you fly for longer.

You definitely have the start of something. I'm looking forward your future games!

Best part about Echo? The atmosphere. Adding background sounds to each room really helped and the outdoor scene with the ambulance has excellent lighting. The worth part is the controls, they're a bit clunky. I'm sure you know.

I would love to see more games you make :)

LOL is it even possible!? Too real.

The personal edition of unity just means they didn't pay. There's no difference in features the engine.

I think the jumping just needs to extend a little bit more. Pixel perfect jumping is frustrating but maybe it's one of those games.

I think left mouse click would have been better for swinging the sword. :)