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I love your work! I'm an art student and I constantly use your works as inspiration, thank you for the free access!

Loved the game! It maintains the same atmosphere as the other games, only slightly different. I recommend this one if you already enjoyed this author's works and if you like Inscryption (reminded me a lot of it, with the mechanics and gameplay). 

The only thing I wish it had more was different ways to interact with the environment in the beginning. Since the game is short, it stands strong as it is. If it was any longer, probably would've bothered me more.

thank you, srry i didn't notice

I've played this game before, and today i finished replaying it! It's such a cute game and so well done that i have it saved on my pc so that i remember to play it again. This game gives me the same vibes as Wuppo, which is also an underrated game (also I recommend looking it up if you liked this one). 

I was wondering if you where thinking of releasing this on steam or making a continuation, because I would gladly buy this game! If not, it's also fine :) this is a gem on it's own.