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If Theseus was the final boss then Thanks is the secret final boss for the true ending.

Thank you, some days it feels like I've got it all figured out, and others like there is no way forward. Thank you for encouraging me on this.

Thank you, I'm doing better, ups and downs. I made this using Twine, it's free to use, open source, and you can even develop in the browser.

Lots of games on are developed with it. I'd recommend it and look forward to playing whatever you make!

Turns out it's hard to work on passion projects when you need to get your life in order.

I'd love to update it, give me a bit.


Me: I'm not trans this is just a fetish.

Also me: Deep longing desire to step into a new life.

Thank you again for this splash of color.

:D I've got another one.

Thanks, cleaning up some routes tonight.

How do you do it every time?

Thank you for the amazing comic, love the light novel length title too.

A refreshing mug of adventure! High score is 10 VP with 1 HP remaining. 

The extra stress on air made this very engaging. 

Thank you, I've been confronted with the fact that I should not be my own editor.

I've dealt with motivational issues to write, and I just wanted to make and share something. It was good for me to make it, and it will be good for me to fix it.

Thanks, I've got another in the works.