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any plans for a mac version?

awesome game. just beat it, it was so much fun! i thought the levels were extremely well designed, and the level of challenge was near perfect. i really only started to get frustrated at the boss's last phase, but i finally managed to beat it! can't wait to play it again :D

i'm getting kinda frequent crashes on the second screen (i think) where it tells you that you can use "A" to roll and "B" to sheath your sword or whatever

yo, Dema! i beat your game really fast:

if you haven't played the game yet, there are definitely some spoilers in here. i loved your game man. in fact, i loved it so much, that i speedran it and now hold the World Record in the any% category. if anyone would like to challenge my World Record time of 6:16.06, i welcome you to. i am currently trying to create a page for this awesome game!! thanks so much for making it, Dema. i look forward to beating and breaking your game even further <3