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Grrr... I hate that diode... but very nifty game with a cool theme, 6.7/10.

That moment when you leave your cool red ball for a bit and it bounces itself off into the stratosphere...

Honestly thought this was a real legend until I looked it up afterwards. Really neat game, 7.7/10.

I'll be speculating about the nature of this creature for a long time. Nifty little experience, 6.8/10.

Vital question: Is the protagonist a rabbit/dog with ears or some sort of angel figure with wings? Nevertheless, fun little minigame, 6.5/10.

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This Larry chap looks like he could be a great artist. Really freaky game, 7.6/10. I shall look at more of your works!

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Anyone else accidentally kill Carl first before he revealed himself and assume that was the whole game? Nevertheless, true masterpiece. 7.4/10.

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It's a good thing the third iteration of myself had unprecedented psychic abilities before calling. Real cool and tense game, 7.3/10.


I'd be super excited to see a similar project!!

This game really wants me to read the story... neat game, 6.7/10.

This game builds a great world where every character is a rodent. One of my favourites from the 2020 Demo Disc and sad it's been cancelled. 8.4/10 overall.

A truly freaky and amazingly interesting experience. Upsetting that there will never be a longer version, but I loved this on its own, especially the aesthetics. 9/10

This was a really neat experience. While a handful of the games had really bad bugs in their experiences, most of them were enjoyable. For those who play this game, I most strongly recommend Erasure, Until Biglight, and Sauna 2000. Overall, 6.8/10.

Friday may be the most unfair thing I've ever played in a video game. But it was still hilarious and fun. 6.6/10. Why do my cat and dog have such long arms.

I would like to see Hayley return in a sequel, and in fact, all future games. Not just by you, all games published by anyone.

Also I only just got the pun.

This was an awesome game, 8.4/10

Should never trust protagonists with Hoodie Voids for faces. Neat game, 6.3/10.

I feel like carrying an egg through a volcano should technically boil it to death even if it stays intact... useless logic aside, neat game, 6.6/10!

Found them all! Cool hiding spots; it's a great idea to hide extra collectibles in secret spots in levels

Ohhhh! I gotta look for those then

How do you get the star..

Great game, 7.4/10. The mystery leaves just enough to have me super invested in the events. The greatest mystery though is if the factory reset option on the computer has a purpose, I'll never know

Great game. Had fun watching them suffer. 7.1/10.

This was a great game! Very unique, very neat puzzles. And a great ending. Thank you.....Lester? Maybe. 7.9/10

Sorry, Allison... This was a super creepy game with some amazingly freaky moments. I especially love the visuals found in/near the messages and logs. Great game, 7.9/10.

Do have a small bug report though, I think all the game's audio cuts out if you try to press Start again immediately after completing it once. So my second playthrough didn't have audio. Could possibly have been a headphone problem on my end though

This stuff is exactly what I wanted!!

My personal favourite dimension is the Employee of the Month dimension. Cool game, 6.5/10.


Probably the most enjoyable experience I've ever had camping. Cool game, 6.8/10.

These must be some of my favourite protagonists in a horror game ever. especially when I give them funny British accents. Cool game, 6.8/10.

Feel like this game doesn't really focus on burgers as much as it should with its title... still a really awesome game though. 8.1/10.

Makes sense too, haha

I wonder if the company name has meaning or if it's just two cool sounding words. 'Nova' basically means bursts of light and 'Nexus' means a central point of something, so I guess they're calling themselves a centre of bright ideas. They must do great things then! Great game, 7.6/10.

So after completing this game I would say its a bit janky probably due to the games age and the amateur porting but ovrall its a good experience that really falls in line with the themes and tones original coirage show and tells a new story based off of that that will delight new and old courage fans. Thank you for porting this. very  awesome port, 8.4/10.

Very disappointed that no one in this game tried to assist me in tidying up the park. Not even Mr. Evil Face Tree. I need a day off. Cool game, 6.8/10.

Wasn't sure what voice to give to the Tunnel Overlord so I went with a somewhat serenading adult female voice. In hindsight, probably not the best choice. Cool game, 6.8/10.

Ah, Seth, you are such a trustworthy companion... you may get a bit over-excited at times but I will still obey your every command! Cool game, 7/10.

I don't have quite the elegant praise as most people in these comments do, but this game was very enchanting and intriguing. I guess I made those souls pretty mad though. Great game, 8/10.

Falsely advertised, despite being a trespasser I was never shot. Did get my soul sucked out about five times in that last section though. Awesome game, 8.5/10.