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Unfortunately I think I encountered a bug in one area late in the game where I suddenly couldn't interact with anything, softlocking me. I'll have to try the game again later... but what I played has been really cool so far

(nova is blocking twila on purpose)

This was fun! Here are my favourite outfits:

Ollie on top ollie winning #olliesweep 

Soulless characters are REALLY funny

This game was a lot darker than I expected, jeez...

Ruuuby and Acorn are super cute though, Acorn is underappreciated.

I really wonder if there's any purpose to being able to go out of bounds at the start of the game..?

The shoot button is F

Ron had an amazing sermon.

I love clowns and this game made me sad.

This damn rigged wheel only lands on three colours. Imagine all the possibilities we're missing!

I liked this game quite a bit, 7.4/10! The cuts make me wonder... did the police just take out extraneous, uninteresting footage, or did they take out info that was somehow much worse than what they were already publicising? 

Good game 7.5/10 but I'm sad that Discord invite is defunct..

Hell yes, a new project from the king

The Mintiest Mouth award

Proud to announce I have found the secret room. Was it worth it? Yes.

Haunted code would just make the game better

Welp, there's something for me to look for!

I am now pro-kompost to a religious degree. Great demo, 7.6/10.

I need more... I nneeed more..... 7.3/10

The whole time I was playing I had a huge sense of deja vu like I had played all of this before... didn't even notice the Alphaland credit until after I finished! Quite a fun game, 7.2/10

Good and funny game, 7.2/10. But has anyone ever managed to find that 'secret room'? I have no idea where I'd look

I never wanted to work a job like this, but it turns out it was a great experience! 8.2/10, I feel successful.

The never-ending perils of lunar investigation. Just be glad you aren't in the Nixonverse. Cool little experience, 6.7/10.

Such a cool little experience! Love the slowly approaching vine mechanic, it's so smooth and terrifying. 7.5/10

That moment when you leave your cool red ball for a bit and it bounces itself off into the stratosphere...

Honestly thought this was a real legend until I looked it up afterwards. Really neat game, 7.7/10.

I'll be speculating about the nature of this creature for a long time. Nifty little experience, 6.8/10.

Vital question: Is the protagonist a rabbit/dog with ears or some sort of angel figure with wings? Nevertheless, fun little minigame, 6.5/10.

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This Larry chap looks like he could be a great artist. Really freaky game, 7.6/10. I shall look at more of your works!

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Anyone else accidentally kill Carl first before he revealed himself and assume that was the whole game? Nevertheless, true masterpiece. 7.4/10.

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It's a good thing the third iteration of myself had unprecedented psychic abilities before calling. Real cool and tense game, 7.3/10.


I'd be super excited to see a similar project!!

This game really wants me to read the story... neat game, 6.7/10.

This game builds a great world where every character is a rodent. One of my favourites from the 2020 Demo Disc and sad it's been cancelled. 8.4/10 overall.

A truly freaky and amazingly interesting experience. Upsetting that there will never be a longer version, but I loved this on its own, especially the aesthetics. 9/10

This was a really neat experience. While a handful of the games had really bad bugs in their experiences, most of them were enjoyable. For those who play this game, I most strongly recommend Erasure, Until Biglight, and Sauna 2000. Overall, 6.8/10.