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A member registered Jan 11, 2020

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A fun conclusion to Indie Game Week on my channel! A big focus for me was making sure the pigs lived!

Easily one of the best-looking horror games I have played! I will absolutely have to buy the others and play them!

I absolutely loved this! Really good-looking game and a good atmosphere!

Very excited and thank you! Keep up the good work!

I absolutely loved the music, animations, graphics everything! Games like this I absolutely love and I can't wait to see the rest of the game! I played it on my channel, video below if you would like to watch :D

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This was a fun, short game! Very much enjoyed it and I'm excited to play more from you.

I really enjoyed this! In the video I give out some suggestions (I don't know how many are possible though!). Again, amazing job!

The first jumpscare got me too good! Awesome game, I absolutely loved the visual style. Here is my playthrough (starts at 4:07)

Very fun game, I was being dumb though and had to look up a guide XD I love the graphical style too!

I thought it was a horror game so little things in the beginning scared me. Here's my reaction! (Starts at 2:56). Overall, amazing!

One of my worst fears is Mannequins so this game scared me real good! Here's the video I made on it.

Hello! Yes, my business email is ollenstillerman@gmail.com. Can't wait to hear what the news is!

I absolutely love this take on a horror game! The title makes sense to me now! Here is the link to the video I made! 

It was not a problem! I absolutely love the visual style of the game so I knew from the get go I had to play it. If you have any other projects you would want me to try, definitely let me know!

Short and amazing! I made a small video on it, here's the link!

Amazing first play, here is the video I made on it!

Didn't fully get through the demo, but I am making a Part 2 of the it. Here is the link to part one if you wanna watch!