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idk then, it worked for me

copy your save file with the internal tool that says something like "to file" in the loading file screen, uninstall old version and install new version, go to loading file screen and use the "from file" option

i think i found a secret skill she has, on android at least, she can "zombify" ophelia(and maybe others) if she does the final strike, letting you defeat her over and over as long as you can keep defending and let her do the winning blow, heck it even unlocks the menu so you can save in that battle, the only thing you lose is the ability to see the stats and what ophelia is going to do next, so you need to memorize how much hp you have left even if defending reduces all damage to zero because of another bug, if noelle does lust damage when ophelia is trying to counter you get two points of damage



i got from level 3 to level 12 before getting bored

has anyone tried playing it with joiplay?

yea, in "opciones" you can change it to the english

unzip it

SNK world? expecting some Mai Shiranui here

i wonder if there was some other hERRo waiting to (mis)take his place

year of the duck

nah, hes just luring him

the first place you can visit on a wasted city and it had to be the one where you go to get wasted

would it be ok if someone else on some other site ported it to android?

go to emmma room(not sure if time matters) then keep going in and out of the kitchen at night until it triggers

it says random chance, one probably needs to exit and re enter until it triggers

You could have left her ghost in there, whats the WURST that could happen anyway? 

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i think you can upload them gifs to other sites and link them here, some example on this link

Will mc leave anybody untouched tho?

And while looking for it, also look for more games that dont have the things they dont like, iits not as if they are forced to play this one game after all, there are too many other options

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Yo, the point abutt the relationships can be handled like what taht guy rebootlove guy(and some others butt i cant remember any names now) did, letting the users decide for themselves what relationship the mc and other characters will have

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It there some kind o task list to see if im mkssing something before ending the act II? Or can everything be done even after ending it? No missables? 


For people who dont mind spoilers at least

Heres hoping that you can sort out those android version issues, as its the only platform available for me, and probably many others

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Surprising that no one reported it, it was there since the other update


Also, new world if issues

Reading about making it fit on rpgmaker reminds me of this one

Its down already, but when i scrolled thru, they looked pretty much the same

That, or they mixed up the accounts and uploaded from the one they didnt intend to

Barely working-DPMaker

At least it didnt become a pain... 


Or did it?

Mc has an adventure, while naked


To play, touch the screen, i guess

Typo hero is probably going against your typo next

Gramma grammar is gone? Then whos gonna make them synonym rolls?

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Thats bonkers, so now not a single game can use the word, i would understand if they used "shin megami tensei" on the title too, "persona" is just a sub line of that series, like "digital devil saga" or "nocturne"

Reminds me of that time when the warner brothers were told that they dont own the word "brothers" 


Isn't "persona" some term of psychology mumbo jumbo anyways? 

And roaches too