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gud gaem

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Arent there any doors, or audio lure, or a mask?

wIlL tHIs wORK on mY leApfRoog???///??/?/??/////

Can you make a traditional FNaF game? I would love to see what you do with it.

what if im using my laptop and dont have a mouse? how do I select my other blocks?

Whats Dracula's Castle, you talk about it a lot in your game descriptions and from what ive heard, it sounds awesome, ill be waiting (if its not out yet)

I just want something fun to play until I upgrade, which i have no idea when...

Does this work on windows XP?

oh, and does anyone know what happens when forgetful dog gets into the office

Bruh this game is freakin scary, probably due to the fact that I scare easily, but still this game is really creepy.

my game wont load ;-