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ayoooooo good job, really fun to play

wow what a great game Mingzhi! Keep up the good work!!

honestly this is so much fun! The levels are very well designed as well, the difficulty increase gradually and not overly difficult. Though I do feel like the control buttons could be switched, I subconciously hit space for jump for so many times. Overall really enjoyed it! Hope you'd checkout my game as well!

wow was not expecting this to be so much fun! I feel like throwing my pokemon out when I play. Even though I got stucked half-way, the levels are really well designed too! Hope you'd give a shot at our game as well!

Good job! The tutorial was so hard to figure out, but it's a fun little game and the levels are well designed! The graphis is also cute and clean. Hope you have a chance to check out our game as well!

absolutly love this lmao. Looks really cute and polished as well!

wow this is very good and inspirational! Love it! The only part I'm not 100% sure about in the ending, it can be improved a bit. The build up of the scary is really good and is kind of ruined by the ending.