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Hello there ^^.

Yes I still working, and I will release the update for 0.2 on this Friday, April 30th.

No, not at all.

The first part is an introduction to the characters, in the next updates the story will be more incremented

The game is based on school life and romance, with a little of comedy and drama, i will put more things in the future updates, i hope this answer your question, feel free to ask anything.

My intention was really to put her name as Esmeralda and not Emerald, it was on purpose ^^

Thanks, I'm glad it's working now

Thanks, and sorry for the typos I will correct them in the next update

Thank you, is the game working now?

Ok, I 'll check again, thanks.

Dan I re-post a new build, in my PC it's works normal, I hope it's works for you too,and I'm sorry any mistake, it's the first time I make a game and I'm still learning.

I make a new build and re-post the game, I test the new build and in my PC it's works normal, I hope this new post can work for you too, and I'm sorry any mistake, it's the first time I make a game and I'm still learning.

No, I mean, Pc version or Android version.

What version are you playing? I'll take a look on that.

ok, how can i contact you? 

Sorry for the delay to answer, i had some problems with my internet these days.

Hello Killer7, I don't know if you remember, but when I played MNF the first time I said it inspired me to make my own game, I managed to finish 0.1 now and I wonder if you would like to test it, I know you have a lot of work with your own project but I really wanted your opinion.

Sure, I'm really happy you liked.

Thanks ^-^

Hello Killer7 how are you? I wish I had made this post some time ago, I made a drawing that was for the game's birthday, but I had some problems and I couldn't.

I'm not very good at drawing or coloring, but I did the best I could, I hope you like it.

hey man, my cousin is also a huge fan of your work, and he told me to ask if you could add some anal scenes in the future updates?? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!!!

Oh, than yes I didn't see that

If u're talking about the scene where u open a door in the train and see Jasmine there, I don't actually remember if it's before or after getting a haircut, than yes I did see that scene!!!

Its the 0011 version btw

Hey man I found another issue, right when Oliver finishes his introduction the game kinda crashes and I can't continue reading, here is a screenshot of it

Ok I'm gonna try them, thanks

The new update deleted all my saves on android 😲😲😲

Ok Thanks ^.^

Sorry to ask this but, when will you post the public version of 0.1.2 ????

Ok thx, can't wait for it!!!

Hey man how are u?? When's the next update??

Yeah number 1 on my list till now, hope there's much more to come, and for a long time lol

Any idea when the next update is coming??

Is this the new update already?? Can't wait anymore lol

Nice work man, gotta say the creepy hospital part, really nice touch, loved it keep up the good work!!!

I really don't know, I had already used the code when I started the game at the time of 0.5

(1 edit)

I went to enter the game now, as soon as I extract and load, my save was no longer there, but if I enter version 0.10, my main save is there, what could have happened ????

And I saw that now there is an enter code in the menu, is there any new code?


I'm really looking forward to this new update, as you said it would go slower, I thought it would only come out in July close to my birthday, but I'm really glad that tomorrow I will be able to continue, and I'm sure nobody will care if you slow down with the next update, we're sure the wait will be worth it.

Don't you dare die on me before finishing this freaking story, if you die before that I'll kill you XD. We hope you get better soon.

PS: Why does Lucy call us a pelican? We don't get it, lol

Pendragon here now, any chance to make Sandra with loose hair again????

i figured out thanks!!

Android version keeps saying "prohibited" and I cant open the file..