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A Short Hike community · Created a new topic Amazing <3

I love this game so much. I can't wait to play more from these developers. <3

"We begin in a ballet studio. A young dance major regretting her life decisions, her demonic student named Neosporin refuses to do anything but the chicken dance. Little do they know that soon, Edith will be marrying her uncle the following morning on a boat, will dance the chicken dance, and cause the boat to sink. Eeeeuuuuughghhghhh (Translation: I've gotta hand it to you, this system is amazing.)"

Me the entire game: No one cares about your needs Linda, your kid is SAD.
Me at the end: Okay, time to chose Linda's ending. 
Beautiful game, beautifully written. 10/10. Want 5 more. <3

I came to this game looking for a good time, and I got a game and a romance that triggered every. single. emotion. and while it is phenomenal writing, Teo had both every and no right. I am both very glad and very embarrased that I flat fell in love with a video game character on this level. Quite literally the best visual novel I've ever experienced.

This game had every right to make me feel the feelings that I'm feeling. Amazing art, storytelling, and every other aspect. I'm gonna cry myself through the next three hours. 10000/10

Looks beautiful, but sadly cannot play through due to being on a laptop and both mouse buttons can't be pressed at once. From what I saw, beautiful, well made, and well researched. <3

Beautifully written, designed, and executed. 10/10 game, wouuld reccomend. I loved learning more about the complexities of the funeral ceremonies. Best wishes and biggest thanks to the developers and all involved. <3

If I ever achieve the level of Narrative genius that this game executes so beautifully, I will consider my life goal reached and surpassed. Honestly, one of the best narrative pieces I have ever experienced. 1000/10

Me: Heh Heh I'm in danger.

Good Game. I only played until The manager got up close and made me screech.

Just played through with ImmortalRay and low key so glad I played. Sci-Fi is usually not my genre, but as I said on my 3 tweets on twitter this lowkey is the best game I have played in so long. Up there with Fire Emblem and Danganranpa in the favorites list. Amazing inclusivity, elegant approach to sensitive topics, fun gameplay that doesn't impose on the beautiful narrative. Loved this game so much I will fite anyone and everyone over these precious babies of characters (Including the not-baby that is Brad. He is a man and his boundaries should be respected. <3 )