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Pelow Melow

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Long time :D

Gosh, It's been so long




Me to


I'm trying to get many solutions as I can.

I got to 12378 (2nd try)

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prob 3360+, and I cant

Oh, makes sense

I got to much solutions that it became unsponsive (It still unsponsive)


Good game.

what is this man called?

I managed to put the ball back in the pinball shooter, Idk if that's a bug :/

Ok. What is this cube that looks like a head shape name?

What is this other cube called?

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This is great! I love 8 bit games and this is what it is. The music is what I like to! I'll be hoping what come's next, but there's a bug. Like if you get sick from the statue and you are fighting someone then you won't get damage from that thing, I'm not saying you fix it cuz it's op but you can fix it if you want. But this is a amazing game. this game is my kind.

Beat my score: Lvl: 34 Soluls: 1086. No cap

But that's how the camera angle works.

True :)

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But must come down!

Cool name.

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So. Undead Cube?

This game is cool! but I want more animals plz.

What is the cube's name? PEZ 

It ok :)

Btw there are lots of bugs like: If you get a gun box sometimes you can get nothing. So please fix that. :)

Cool game!

Just to say. I LOVE this game

The memes..... XD