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Happy Lunar New Year - 龙年大吉🐉🐉🐉

The alt version of the most popular map (probably) is now live. 

We aimed to keep the changes to Towers minimal, but hopefully, you can still discover some new and surprising flag routes within the alt map. 

Check it out!



Halls just received a small update—you can parkour around the building. Check it out

This is great 😂 Looks like a pretty good day besides the hacker part 



I was about to post this, but you beat me to it haha

haha no problem 😆






The alt version of Arena is now available, featuring four new melee weapons and an arrow and bow skin!

Hello daihien87, Please email us at and we'll help you out with returning your missing items.


Wow, looks great!

❄️ Hello Archers  ❄️

Explore the frosty fortress and help out the hungry hungry Nutcracker.

The cold winter update for Narrow One is live, only available for a limited time!

cool pic 😎

so much work 😩😩😩

The main instrument is the flute, and in addition, we've included a zither, tambourine, and some drums

New alt version completed: Ruins!

Check it out

Thanks! We have some plans to improve the spawn in towers, but first, we need to work on the Ruins alt version

Hey archers, 

New alternative version completed: Fields!

Also, we now have a saw



Hey Archers!

It's finally here, the Alt version of Alleys is complete. This update turned out to be a lot more work than we initially thought, resulting in a map that feels almost entirely new, complete with some original assets.

To make this Alt version possible, we had to make some adjustments to the original map and improve various colliders to bring it up to the 2023 Narrow One standard.

For all the changes check

And most importantly!

Exciting update: a confessional has been added to the church. For you melee spammers, the time has come to confess your sins...

Itch works too

❄️ Forts got snowy again!❄️ Forts got an alt version

(1 edit)

Forts Map Update!

We've reworked forts map. The new spawn might take some getting used to, but we wanted to redo it before making an alt version of forts. 

next time please ping us again and we’ll do something about it

we are working on it, don't worry you won't lose any coins

Unfortunately it seems like we'll have to migrate the database in order to keep things running, which might take a few hours 😔


 Let's get extra spooky💀

 In celebration of this year's Halloween, the skeletal archer has risen from his grave. Also, don't forget to explore the newly updated graveyard map.

Small update:

The first map, Castle, now has an alternative version. We've aimed to keep these changes relatively small, just enough to surprise players. Most of the alterations are done to the flag room.

Next up is the Forts! Don't forget to suggest your ideas here:

ok got it, if we continue with the plan I hope it wouldn't bother new players too much and give some more depth to the maps for the pro's