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Pelican Party

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haha! 😊

Hey. We are currently working on character customization and a shop, but this will probably take a while. After that, we might get into some different game modes. 

Yes at some point we will. First, we will add map selection and match-making. 

Hey, I've worked some more on the map, we got churches in the middle, some different routes to explore, and more possibilities for climbing. I hope you like the changes, let me know what you think. 😃 

Fixed! The new version is live, thank you.

Hey, thank you for the feedback. I'm thinking about adding two small churches to the town square. Hopefully, this will help with the map's orientation and make it more interesting to explore. I want to make the church climbable from the inside with a ladder so you can snipe some from the tower. What do you think, would this solve your issue with the map? Cheers

Found it! Thanks for letting us know. We'll fix this very soon.

Are you talking about network lag or is your framerate low?

Either next week, or in 4 weeks. But we'll have to sort our priorities a bit.

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I have this issue too sometimes, I think it might be related to the framerate. What browser are you using?

Hmmm. What browser are you using? Can you try the game with a different browser? 

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! We have a lot of plans for new features, but feel free to send us your suggestions. 

Thanks! We have different servers depending on your location. The game will be updated regularly, we (2 persons) are working on it every day. 

We are tweaking the bows, the 2nd bow will probably change this week.  

At the moment we have 3 maps, more coming soon. 

We don't want a specific melee class but we are planning on adding swords to every class. 

Yeah, that’s it! At the beginning of development, it was just the two of us testing stuff out. Later we invite friends to play matches with, and after that we introduced it to our discord.

At this moment you can't play with bots, simply because we never programmed any bots for this game. In the future, we want to give you the option to create closed rooms. So you can invite friends, and try out some stuff there. 

Everyone is an actual player, we don't have bots. 

Thank you, glad you like it!

Hello Daan thanks for playing! Yeah that's the plan, more maps, skins, and more weapons. 😀 


180, doing good! Glad you enjoy the game

Hey Swiggity, that's some good progress :) The game should save. If you are on a game portal you might need to enable third-party cookies.

Wow really? That must be the highest we've seen so far

Thanks Pedro!

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