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There was an update to Microsoft Edge and now the B button takes you back a page instead of functioning in the game like it should (and used to). Is there anything that can be done to resolve this? is not slow at all. Works perfectly :)

Today when I open this website, the emulator screen is just black. No annoying static sound or triple beep. Nothing.

The save works just fine as long as you save within 30 minutes, then restart Microsoft Edge

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I've been playing for a few months now with things mostly working just fine. But tonight, no matter how many times I reload Microsoft Edge, it keeps saying "Folder is empty" when I try to load from OneDrive 

Apparently it was just a temporary problem. Working fine now 

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When I click on the screen and then press A it says LOADING PLEASE WAIT... and gets stuck there and never loads. 2 days ago it was working just fine. I haven't changed anything on my end so I'm wondering if this is a broken emulator now or if there is some issue with my Onedrive or something. Has anyone else had this problem?