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truly beautiful

The attention to detail in the animations is genuinely impressive

But that's literally a staple of the franchise

I haven't actually finished the game yet, but I have to say that between the super cute environments and detailed combat animations, the visuals in this are some of the most impressive I've seen in a pixelart game. Also, the writing is brilliant, especially when the dialogue imitates the talents' speech patterns in a really natural, authentic way.

Scariest thing about this game is how lazy and unpolished it is

Ummmm... Ib? Mogeko Castle? Sure, many indie horror classics like The Crooked Man were made in the free alternative Wolf RPG, but RPG Maker is still very influential.

Well-written and adorable, yet with a hint of horror, I really liked this

It's still badly mapped and unreasonably difficult, though

the ending genuinely blew my mind

Haruka is such a mood in this one, I love it

Yeah, I recently found out about the jam and decided to check out some entries from last year.

This is seriously so impressive, both in terms of immersive gameplay (considering the technical limitations) and level design.