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Nice work! Super impressive for 3 hrs of work. GGWP!
My best score: Time 26.87   Kills 18

Cool mechanic. Nice job on the art too. I got 12 on my best run. GG! 

I found the hole, but it was hard to see due to the speed. Fun idea and nice work! :) 

This game is a lot of fun! I have no idea how the score works, but its all good. GGWP! 

What a cool (or hot) idea! GGWP!

That last level really is hell. hahaha!  Nice job on your first game. GGWP! 

Amazing job! This game is incredible! 26: Homie Master! :)

I agree that specifically roller skating games are few and far between, but skating (skateboards) are similar enough to utilize the same general controls. Its the difference between a motorcycle racing game and a car racing game. They still control the same way. 

I have been making games  for a long time and I have seen multiple good games get no traction because of "unique" controls. I really dont want to see that happen to you. BTW,  I dont think there is anything wrong with having unique mechanics that have non-standard controls. Its simply the primary control method of moving around should be what people have come to expect. If you are Nintendo or a very well known developer, you can get away with doing something really different. With the game industry as flooded with content as it is now, players have about 3 min of attention to be immersed into your world before they move on to any of the other 10,000 games that came out this year. 

Can you think of successful indie games that heavily innovated on basic controls? 

A fun little gamejam project I made with a group of strangers. Good times! 

First off, this game looks amazing! Great job on the presentation and level design. 

There is a reason that games rarely innovate on controls. Trying to reinvent what a lot of pro developers have refined over decades of games is only going to limit your audience. The players who want to pay for this are the same players who like other skating games. Player expectation is very important if you want to be succesful. If a lot of players are immediately turned off by your controlls, you are doing something wrong. Players are not going to say: "Wow, this game controlls really weird. Let me go find a video where the developer explains his philosophy about these controls...  Now that I understand his vision, its all good." The more likely outcome is players will think it feels bad, play for a few min, then leave a negative review.

This is the same for any genre. The reason that 99% of every racing game, every FPS, every MMO, every fighting game, every 3D platformer all controls the same is based on player comfort and expectation. It is impossible for players to be immersed in a world where they are not comfortable with basic movement. 

I think you have a lot of great ideas here and a potential hit on your hands. I hope it doesnt get overlooked by your desire to reinvent the wheel. 

What a wonderful little game. <3

Nice work! Fun game! :)