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fun and good puzzles with nice suspense but i wish there was a chase scene

fun lol nice short


it was hella supensefu; wish the jupscare was better though so 9/10

i got c it was fun and nice fight scene 10/10

ok so this was amazing im impressed nice short horror game and good tasks the suspense and atmosphere was great and i screamed so loud at the jupscare overall its a 10/10

this game was fun and the puzzles were nice overall a 12/10

idk if theres more endings but i got bad, this game truly is scary i love the chase scene and the sound effects this game adds mad me almost have a heart attack i rate this a 12/20 about to play the remake soon love this.

wow im impressed this one had good puzzles and amazing fetures this is definitly a 12/10 a lot better then the first one

it was pretty fun jumscares were okay but i would like a chase scene i did all 3 endings so overall a 9/10

this game was fun but not as scary as i hoped

so overall i rate the mimic 9/10

its fun the and scary and stressful 10/10

it was stressful and suspensful it was kinda cool but i wish there was a jumpscare.

did not expect the end it was funny overall fun game

nice game really nice im glad you did not over do the pixels i love gloopo 10/10 game

it was really fun the jump scares were amazing especially the last one plus the puzzles are easy overall its a good game 10/10

really fun not to scary just suspensful and the secret ending is amazing 10/10

its really well designed no bugs or glitches and it has good jumscares 10/10 IMO

this is fun its just broken fr i was in first but 3 people were in front of me like HUH

create a private room and start it before people join then bam