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I found a video about your game:

Will you make this update available online?

great update

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no, i want to thank you for your effort

good job this game has potential

to change camera is left or right arrow

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left and right: move

z/y: ports

x: lights

down arrow: camera

up arrow: mute call

This also happened to me

You are from Brazil?

I don't want to force you, sorry if you misunderstood me

Do you intend to continue the project with updates or new games?

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you can make this wonder available for browser I would love to test

great game but it has a lot of bugs

your game reminds me of cuphead

no, no, you didn't do anything wrong, the game is perfect the way it is

I'm not complaining (sorry to bother you)

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not wanting to be arrogant (but being lol) this game was even better than the original because of the graphics (I think).

man, why such a bizarre bonnie?

do you have a browser version of the game?