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ACK 3D and Pie in the Sky had various of the first fps games, most of them freeware or dos trash. Since their source code is avaible maybe you would be interested in making an extractor for them too. If youa are interested please let me know an i can send you the links i have that might help 

Shoutout to Blitz3D

does 6.4 work on 32 bits?

bitsy 3D wtf


anda en 32 bits?

nice game, getting rekt by it

could you make an android version?

this works as an excellent demo of  tekwar

we are stupid. Is there a guide for this?


is there a  32bit version? 


mucha propaganda



where did you get those sprites?

nice game, very challening

what is this game?

is there a windows 32bit version?

this game is amazing

My openGL drivers are too old, my laptop is too old :| 
At least i hope some other people with 32bit can play it now :)

could you release a 32bit version? My laptop cant run 64x programs :(

is there a 32bit version? (for x86 systems)

Does it wok on 32bit systems?

Hello, i played this game and i was amazed for the amount of lore you put in a space so small like this "landship". I wanted to inform you that i remade the Redlander in a fighting game and if you want i can add in the steam page your social media or stuff. [If you didnt finish playing the game don´t click this links because they could have spoilers for the game!!]
Steam workshop page of the Redlander remake
[spoiler] Redlander remade ingame
[spoiler!!] Full image of the original Redlander i made for reference

como lo juego?

does it work on 32bit computers?

Amazing! It can be an educational game :D

It looks and plays really cool! Only played to day one but im gonna play more of it for shure :D

does it work on 32bit systems?

Please keep releasing 32 bits version, mi 2008 rice fields pc cant handle more than 32 bits

Parsec o Remote Play de Steam

gg 5/5 would cheese the tutorial again

looks like venus patrol :D

does it work on 32 bits?

Works on 32 bits?

Pls add a guest mode to try the game without signing in