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gg 5/5 would cheese the tutorial again

looks like venus patrol :D

does it work on 32 bits?

Works on 32 bits?

Pls add a guest mode to try the game without signing in


If you are looking for local coop let me recommend you EGGNOGG, its sad to find cool games and realize you cant play them :(

works on 32bits systems?

works on 32bit?

how to kick the ball??

You could try modding it with a unity decompiler, but there isnt much support on modding unity games

The game is in English or Spanish language? I dont speak french so well

thats fantastic

I think that would attract more players

can you explain the controls of the game? I run out of ammo and die

It pushes me into the ground when i spawn bricks and i think having a cooldown for spawning or something to not spawn 200 things at once would be cool. I like a lot physics sandbox games

Can i Import maps from minecraft or minetest? Or export them?

In what engine/framework was the game made? I want to make mods for the game and i need to know in what engine it was made to know to what point i can decompile it and mod it

can you make a 32 bit version? i only hava a 32 bit laptop to play



Se puede jugar sin twich? (multijugador en Lan o local splitscreen con controles)

its amazing!

32 bits version?


Pls add a tutorial ingame or a readme file with controls and instructions, also a resolution option so i can fit the GUI in my screen :D

someone pirate this game!

My pc to old and cant play this game

in what engine is it made?

Pls add a way to prevent monster to kill you in the spawn area in the moment you spawn, if you get overrun you cant play anymore because your spawnpoint is full of monsters. Also usually when i try to fight the monsters back in the spawn i open the market, asigning other key to open the market would be a good idea

How do you make your games so light? what engine do you use?

PlSSS! Even if it is an old version or has a bot spawn limmit

add screenshot

add sandbox mode like this pls

add screenshots and video pls

I have been looking for games like unturned and this is the closest but i cant play it because my laptop is only 32 bits :<

i wish there was something else to do than playing the tutorial, the lowpoly art and the game feel are very good but apart from that i dont see why to keep the game installed