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how do i make blueprints that i download work? last time i end up deleting my entire save of the game

(yeah, maybe i'm a lil bit dumb)

i mean, it looks like it is a danm cool game, but i don't know enough inglish to just imagine what it is saying ;-; (btw i'm brazilian, please do a portuguese version of it, i'll help if you need to)

idk if it was a problem with my computer or i was just dumb and did something wrong, put  it was kinda funny trying to play this without know almost nothing

i didn't download the game yet but the coments feel like it's a robot doing it....idk, it is just a feeling that i got

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pls can you guys add a boss battle? come on, only  1 it's enough,i want it, they want it, you want it, everyone want it, just pleeeease continue with this project

it's fucking awesome 

how do i make energi for the energi cells?

how can i unlock things without being a patreon? or i just can't?