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Nice! I really want to see something big from you! I go by s3sshoumaru in Newgrounds. I wrote you some years ago to see what was going on with you since Fishbane always stuck with me, and I think you added me to your mailing list. I remember that you also gave me Probability 0 to download, when you had just made the game, after I sent you an inbox or something in Newgrounds. 

Anyway, this short game took me back to those times, nice atmosphere and gameplay, only that I sold my good laptop and I am on such an old one that I could barely play it without lag (yeah, very old laptop). Anyway, please let me know about this project!

Hey droqen! Received your e-mail and played this game today! I enjoyed it a lot! I've been a fan since fishbane. I think I beat the game? I was able to get out through Exit C, with the "help" of the 100% coin guy. Great music too.