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I can't do Theo's mission in chapter 9, what do I do?

Love it

caesarcub do you plan to make animations of the other allies too? or not

improve skills only when there is an upgrade improve it by using it several times ?

is it possible to play with the save from patch 30 to 31? if it's message like


VC has WiFi disconnected ?

I need alpha fluid but it doesn’t show up instead it has dialogues

yes i am trying to do antillycan but the nice white alpha n appears instead said there is only dialogue. how do i solve?

Mission Antillycan ? Help

but he is not showing up for me to tell him what I need

Fluid alpha help ?

28 qua do baixei novamente ainda n tinha a 30 e n quero ter jogar tudo de novo 

n sabia q tinha q usar 4x do lure me fudi nisso 

mas n consigo levalo pra casa o msm vale pro logan lobo

mais ou menos so n entendi como faz para treinar o raptor 

um pouco mas n consigo  conquistar pra treinar nem sei 

tudo bem i no talk ingles 

I'm not able to bring the place back with the lycan

Nauxus no longer in the temple how do I relate to him ?

swamp , raptor 

someone help me I don't know how to do the witch's missions


how to complete the task of Nauxus ?

someone send me the list of where to find the ingredients

I look forward to playing with update 30.0 I hope to remember to get the ingredients to make the medicine for lycanthropy

Completed gallery 

n has the option to spy on the duncan only has to investigate

this is not working because after insisting and investigating I run away I ask for help and there are no secret scenes from Duncan

How do i release thi missing scenes from Duncan ?