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you went for a classic "house at the edge of woods" vibe, i dig that. your contribution to the town of surtville has been hereby accepted

the unrounded variant looks unhinged i love it

early 2000s OVA designs, truly a scholar's choice

ghhhhh what a great showcase, any style you need for a game its right here

this fkin rocks, open license too

this actually is pretty cool

yeah no joke

not 100% sure ill be able to submit something but looking forward to what others make

spiky snail

thanks, yeah i think so too! im very new to making palettes and obviously its not as easy as it seems. everyone is biased towards frogs, no worries

clicking on the link i was sincerely hoping to see the old guy sprite was paid version only and boom i was right!

cute old balding guy is hands down the best char in the pack and maybe on this whole site, a real cultured choice to paywall him

truly we live in a blessed timeline where the value of elderly balding guys is finally being recognized

(1 edit)

these are the best ones!

this uses some of my fav assets. i never expected to see beast's grass biome buildings used in a strategy game but it actually makes sense. really cool

i think the thing im looking at is probably rusty wire, but would make for fine stir-fry noodles

this is great, keep em coming!

*wipes tear* they are beautiful


is there a list of names for these creatures to check some lore behind them?

blood wraith san is so dreamy, i want them to carry me like a princess

mmmm very nice

what a banger asset

thx for clarifying xD

thanks for the comment. your stuff is cool

i like how the pose of the two smiling gentlemen on the cover truly embodies what _linkedin behavior_ looks like

ok cool, dont stress over release date though, you dont work for an aaa company no need to crunch

absolutely sugoi, as expected of Zaebucca sensei

eggs eggs eggs eggs

eggs for you wohoooooo, EFY alone are worth the price of admission, other games look cool too!¡!!

> and most importantly the girl reading this <3


hohoho very good

thanks, DawnBringer's palettes are way too powerful, i feel like there isnt a thing in the world you couldn't make with them. i used to use his 22 color palette and recently switched to 32 color which is even more versatile

yes me too :D

say hi to spencer for us

honestly i think good choice with godot, the whole enshittening arc with unity recently makes me think open source tools are the only way to go

thanks, i live in the middle of freaking nowhere right now and recently there was a lot of snow so i was observing how blue atmospheric light reflects off of it

yes sleeping is so fking cool im loving it recently

yes i am also confused, i don't really understand why i made this :)

oh i like this. the textures are really simple but give everything a really solid look. the tree looks almost like a 3d render

i like this

as someone who just takes part in these jams, i dont really mind someone else making an edit of their earlier art. the way i understand the purpose of the jam is to motivate people to create new assets.

so as long as you put in effort and you yourself are satisfied that you created a new asset pack, as a participant i think that's fine. it's not like this is a super strict jam, there is no prizes, the only reward here is the art you make.

oh mr penguin youre so dreamy