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afterwards the faun embraced their identity and became a fursuiter, visiting many more towns and many furry conventions, but thats a story for another time

this whole zombie apocalypse business is rough, but im pretty sure just working normally in delivery is much worse

when you sow a plant that blocks player movement (like hibiscus) and build a fence next to it, the fence gets attached to it

i'm not tagging as a bug though because maybe that's intentional so that you can have half-fence-half-hibiscus walls

i like the new tileset better because i haven't seen the old one

also good game

i am following you due to this comment

i am your first follower, please go on to have many more

its time for cold vengance


very good violence, although the girls actions were zettai forgivemasen.

yes thank you, i spent decades researching cats for this realistic game about cats.

very good game for fans of moss such as myself

the aesthetic of this game cuts deep, unrelenting style, timeless design

i finally made it, a valid password!!


<<confirm password>>

YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!11!


great game, but i wouldn't expect nothing less from joe mama

yes this is certainly a game of the good variety, thank you


looks very omoi

when you've lived as long as i have and traveled far and wide you will see many games about wetting dragons

but dont worry yours will be top 10 for sure

the pebonius - "way he hammers"

(um! yeah!)
the way he hammers makes my heart pound the hammerin of his hammer makes my head spin round i need a mans man, who can fix a car and mend a bike [bike x2] hammer out the problems in my life and the like
when im trying to take a nap or at night i try to sleep the hammerin of his hammer resonates so deep hammer with your hammer [don't stop to hammer] just hammer with your hammer [never stop, never stop] [hammer sounds mixed with drums and screaming]

i knew always that game dev is a cutthroat business but i didn't know you can make this many enemies from developing just a single game. please stay safe 🙏

game description: "figure out transition and social media at the same time"

me: "ah, so it's a soulslike"

(1 edit)

i have struck gold

EDIT: i mean this topic is made out of gold, i have not actually been mining and have not struck gold physically

if you fall into a puddle, dont get right back up apologetically. admire the work of art that youve become for that fleeting moment.


tough choice

i am free

very good game i will not remember to rate it when submissions are over, so someone please rate it five stars for me thanks!

i think that's actually nice. by flying off the map i was able to reach speeds and scores normally unattainable to humankind. the game is also much more peaceful this way.

this is a very good game perhaps one of the best games about crabs and cookies. i helped the crab get some of the cookies, i hope they are happy! thank you!



this might be one of the, if not THE rpgmaker game i played. the townspeople are a loving community and full of ideas. i enjoyed all of it especially in the beginning when it wh*re-shamed me for checking mail that wasn't mine, and also the poster that said "poop". thanks.

i remember one time i had a dream about having a shop in the middle of the forest. the shop only ever got two clients - a nosy man who lived in a mansion nearby, and taylor swift. dunno what real-world TS looks like so not sure if that was actually her but she bought in bulk and kept the business afloat so that was nice.

anyway cool game.

people refuse to take egg from a stranger. what dystopian future is this.

i obtained the nugg

photoshop is a good program, but i think it would be better if it didn't cost money.

using scribbonius doesn't cost money, so maybe it will be more popular than photoshop?

this feels like you met a person in your dream and they turned into a dog and put some yeast into the cd-rom of their 1999 ibm computer and this was the game that loaded up


im ded but man im so glad i got to play as THE yellow dude from the beloved project z franchise, hope to see them in more games.

its very good for this game to still be receiving updates that make it even better. please continue making this and also other good games