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An acquired taste, but not wrong <3

There's quite a few more CGs and the public chapter 17 update should be out within the next few days

Y'know I've very much enjoyed the progress of this FVN and y'all are coming up on 3 years... You've done great things with this. Can't wait for more

Give it anywhere from 3 to 7 days roughly

Hope things are looking up for you! <3

Just checking, will it be public? When it's first posted in the next few hours?

can't wait for tmrw

based on the typical release schedule, about a month after the patreon release

I'm absolutely in love, you've done a great job so far, can't wait for public build 5

Next public update timeframe?

Phillip update pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease? I want to know what happens next with our boi!!!

public release date?

That's great news, very excited

The public bould update for the baron should be up soon right

From what I know the nsfw version won't be out until this one has more complete

The newest update will have all 3 routes updated correct?


Is there any update on the hiatus? I'm hoping things are going okay...