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Pearl Blue Soul

A member registered Jan 08, 2021

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I like the game, but please add an option to adjust volume and disable music and sound!

Some feedback for the dev:

1. First-person view does not go well with jumping puzzles: I don't hate jumping puzzles in general, but I think the jumping puzzles in the predecessor and this game are not very well executed. The first-person view makes judging your position difficult so you often either jump too short or too far - I’ve died way too many times in this way. It will be great to have a third-person view option.

2. Lack of save points: Some levels are VERY long - for example the Forest World is more than an hour long on first playthrough. The lack of save points becomes glaring when you need a break in the middle of a long level.

3. Lack of hints/explanations: I am not going to lie, now that I am an old person, I don’t have that much time to spend on a game anymore, so when I get stuck in a game I just go and look up a guide. There is a severe lack of hints in this game - the Forest World in particular frustrated me so much because the map was huge, but I didn’t know where to go or what to do next. Since there were no save points and I was desperate to finish the level, in the end I had to resort to a walkthrough video on YT. I have no idea if the lack of save points and hints was a deliberate design choice by the developer to emulate 90s games, but I think there should be at least an option to turn hints on or off.

4. Lack of custom button mapping: I can accept it when a short (<5-hour) indie game does not have custom button mapping, but this is a >10-hour adventure game that involves a lot of running and jumping, and on some levels, you are even required to use multiple items. The lack of custom button mapping is problematic to me as I prefer the ESDF control scheme.

On another note, you can’t use arrow keys on a controller to select menu items and dialogue choices, which is strange, considering how many dialogue choices there are in this game.

As a HKer who is living in another country this game is very relatable to me on a personal level, thanks!

This is very good! I really love horror games that are based on reality rather than paranormal elements. The VHS effect is subtle and well-done too, because I can't stand VHS effects that are too aggressive.
Would really love to see another game based on the idea of everyday horror.

After pressing "play" and pressing B button on my controller, the game crashes.

I love the premise of this. Please make the full game :D

Thank you for providing a link to the soundtrack :D

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You are supposed to pre-heat the teacup by pouring boiling water in and dumping it. Also you need to let the tea brew. What you call "tea" is not tea at all!!! That's the real horror!!!!!

Edit: This is very obviously a joke -_-

Reminds me of the game "Crashy Cats" on Android. Were you inspired by that game?

You don't need an Android phone to play this. There are Windows and Linux builds.

I am speechless. How is this aboslute gem of a game even free???

Wow, obvious troll is obvious. Spending your life hating on someone's work. Nice.

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I really love the visuals and music in this game! The beach level is my favourite. If it is possible, could you share the music file of the level with us please? Thanks!