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It's pretty much content complete but we are going through rigorous quality assurance and bug-fixing processes that could take a while.


It made me feel all DICEE inside. Excellent work, reminds me of how much I suck at this game, lol.

Thanks for checking it out! We only had 7 weeks to deliver the build and we uploaded several versions since, with bug fixes.

Thanks for checking it out. What was your favorite voice out of the three?

Thanks 🫡

I learned about all the neat things that the internet has to offer, then I destroyed them. 😈

The game is hard, but is very fun! The music is amazing and makes me feel like a hand-man with nothing to lose.

Happy Birthday, Chico! Go nuts!

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There should be a 1.4 out there, archived on the internet, if you wanted to test that as well, but otherwise, it should function the same.

I have seen files floating around the internet for the game. If you find a gb file just rename it, should work.

Thanks! What's your favorite level?

Looks great! Lots of neat stuff going on here that really showcases how far you are pushing the platform (heh). I can't wait to play more!

I think it's available to anyone who clicks the link.

Absolutely amazing demo. Graphics are on-par with most first-party Nintendo titles of yesteryear. Music is full of bopping tunes that always bring a smile. Your clever level design always feels fresh. You have a masterpiece on your hands, here, for certain!

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Thanks for the comments, glad to hear it has left you wanting more! The full game is planned to have 8 levels, with plenty of additional surprises in-between. 

Regarding the chameleon: My son designed that character, so it's meant to simply be an Easter Egg on that level.

I am planning on making a physical version available when it's done - follow me to receive updates on the development of the game 😀

Thanks for checking it out! I agree the Spider boss is a bit easy with that trick, but I didn't want to cause too much complication and basically make the floor untouchable or covered in spiders. Originally, the boss design was to trick the spider into shooting an egg sac at the branches, which creates the web to bounce up and hit it, but it was too complex to code. I might revisit the boss before releasing the final game, though!

Thanks again for the input - it's very welcome!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

I sincerely appreciate you checking out the game - we spent the most time on getting the colors and palettes just right.

Thanks for checking it out! 🤩

Thanks, László! I'm glad you liked it 😁

A masterclass in how to develop games with GB Studio. Style, graphics, simple music, and an addictive gameplay formula equate to one of the best demos I've ever played. Check it out now and go get your 🍌🍌🍌 back!

Invisible actors

Thanks for playing!

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I'm guessing that this is what you are referring to: 

No, it's more like this (links to footage of it in action): 


Love the main character and the music! Challenging but fun at the same time! Can't wait to see more!


I used the comics as reference on one monitor then I drew them in Aseprite on the other. The last panel of Nemo I had to draw without reference because a pose of him like that doesn’t exist. The dialog boxes are just a built-in feature of GB Studio.

I ran into a bug where the scythe didn't reach me before I exited the room and then I wasn't able to use it in the following room (with the three circle platform and spikes on the bottom of the room).

Great game otherwise!

I love love LOVE the art in this game! Everything is really interesting, and I love how you handled combat and health. I can't wait to see more!

The area above was supposed to train you for the webs, sounds like you got the hang of it, though. My favorite animal is the owl, but he's tough! I like the spiders a lot, too. Thanks for playing!


One of the most amazing tools for GB Studio. It works wonders and saves frames!

Sure, when I start adding dialogue and the game is more finished, that will be a consideration, but right now, that is probably months away.