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the link appears to be working for me. You also get the bad ending by answering the questions in a different way

no :pleading_face:

Thanks a whole lot!! really means the world to me getting comment's like this. I've actually been motivated to work on (although slowly) an updated version that I'm hoping I can release on steam! it's gonna take a while but I really wanna make this a full fledged game. Might do devlogs here about the process soon. So glad you enjoyed it!

Really liked the art in the game! Felt really put together and really made the experience

Made well and truly outside of the game jam period

Hey! yea I would definitely improve the upgrade system if I were to update the game. This was made within a roughly a week so didn't really get a whole ton of time to fine tune it. It's also absolutely possible to get pass level 4 without waiting a ton of time

Thanks! will give it a look

I might expand upon it eventually, I have created a few short teaser ARG's like in this game where they are mainly just there as a small side thing to do. would be nice to create a game with a extremely indepth ARG

The ARG never really leads anywhere too deep. its more so a proof of concept than anything else

Might be a browser thing, if you haven't already try a chromium based browser

Thanks! This is the first 2 day jam I've done so I really over-scoped and just had to compromise and upload a rough proof of concept lol. But yea I'm excited to expand on it after voting!

GridlessDB community · Created a new topic Alternatives

Seeing that this likely wont get anymore updates, well fingers crossed I'm wrong and there are more updates to come...

But is there any alternatives to this program that people recommend?

This looks awesome! cant wait for it to download

Can't believe I managed to not realise / fix something as important as this lmao. Thanks for bringing it up!

Really addicting game! I love how you get into a rhythm but still remains hard

10/10 game, couldn't have asked for anything else

This is everything I possibly could've wanted in a game, who knew that the game we really needed all along was about "harvesting" fresh meat. 10/10

Nice game! although the controls or even knowing if I was moving was confusing at first. I didn't even know if I was moving until about 3 tries

Really cool game! Would love to see this idea expanded on. I also encountered a bug 2 times in a row after I'd die the game would freeze and wouldn't allow me to enter a name or press anything. Was also playing fullscreen

Really loved the game! was difficult but in the sense that it takes time to master each and every level, can really see this being an incredible game to try to master

Already got plans for more mechanics after voting period! glad you liked it, gonna keep expanding on it!

Thanks! I'm really proud with how it came out and I'm looking forward to updating it after the jam voting period ends!

Surely we start a "Fuck Communism jam"

Godot jumpscare

The paranormal comes from the hinted "story" that I may expand upon once the voting period is over

huh interesting thanks for the feedback, I found whats causing the issue and will patch it immediately after voting!

I'll take a look at how the souls are calculated for the first update after the voting, thanks!

Thanks! and I plan on expanding upon it after the voting period

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely plan on making some changes when it comes to the currency and sound effects after the voting period!

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This is incredible!

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I = Y

This game cured my depression