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Loving the series I can't wait for the next Act! :)

Haha no problem! Thank you for being kind and making some banger games 馃槃

Very interesting game I enjoyed it! I will be playing act 2 next :)

Fun game! Wish there was different tasks other than the same ones. Overall I enjoyed it <3

I liked it, only complaint was the volume (voices being low/ music higher) in some parts. Other than that I enjoyed it! 

I love it! Very fun :) 

Liked the game, wish there was volume setting and bigger subtitles since it was so small. Other than that it was great! 

Merry Christmas! Third game in video~ Loved all the endings 

Merry Christmas! Second game in video~ 

Merry Christmas! First game in the video~ 

I really liked the story and how it correlates with Christmas it was the first game I played :) 

Cute and horrific game I liked it :) second game I played 

Interesting game it was the third game I played :) 

Sooo cute! Wish it was longer :)

鈾モ櫏 ( 硕藛釛溗喫 )

I love the art style. Interesting game~ Looking forward to more! 

 I had fun! I wish there was another save after you leave the house. Other than that it was good! 

This game is terrifying 馃槶... I love it 
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 Only thing I wish was different was the long pauses for dramatic effect. They seem to be too long, shortening them just a little bit would be fine. Other than that I love the game!

 I wish more was happening. Like in the text, I feel like the creature should have been "stalking" the character so it builds up throughout the game. Other than that I liked it overall :)

very interesting and creepy game! 

Fun little game. I liked it :) 

very creepy.. nice job :)

I enjoyed it, very relaxing and spooky at the same time XD

I love it! I'm honestly not sure if it was user error but the battery runs out pretty fast on the camera. Maybe I was supposed to alter between my character's vision vs camera. Not sure but other than that its good! :)

I like it so far! Can't wait for more~

This game has potential! I'm looking forward to more~ 

Cool game~

Cute game~ I love how Mita looks! 

I hate roaches!馃槶Good game though 

Game is definitely scary, can't wait for more :)

Loved it

Nice game, I wish there wasn't a lot of pauses in-between. Overall I liked it :)

A little late on this but very scary and fun 

Overall nice short game.. I wish there was more! 

Amazing game! I love it so much~ Can't wait for more :D

interesting game I wish there was more~

Scary silly game 

Love it :) 

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