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I love these series of games so much!! I'm so invested in your characters and their adventures. So excited for the next game <33

This seems like a really great game, but unfortuantely it's almost unplayable.. I barely got through day one. I have to mash the button many times before the option to interact with something will actually come up, and you have to be very finnecky about what tile the character is on or else it just won't work. This makes it almost impossible to play without getting all of the guests to leave early. Additionally, when I got to the Day 2 equip screen, no matter what button I pressed, I couldn't get the game to progress. 

I doubt that, at least on some level, since from the webcam, footage, we can see Orion was a real person at some point. The discheveled state of the room + the flies indicate there is probably Orian's deceased body laying around there somewhere.. I assume that after basically uploading his consciousness into the game, his real body was left to rot. Wether the person we talked to though was the /real/ Orion.. Who knows. (; 

This was incredible! I loved investigating the old computer. The story is really sad, but I loved it. I'm still curious about Orion though.. (SPOILERS!!) Judging from the webcam footage we saw, and the fact that Orion could type on the Otherworld chat the same alonegurl15 did, that means he did the ritual and he was still in the game right? Then how could he talk to us, but alonegurl15 couldn't talk to lawson or anyone else?? why did she act like she was alone if he was there? Very creepy to think about. I'd love to see another installation of this concept or world!! <33

This was really really well done!! It had great mood and immersion, and I legitimately felt sick when the "classmates" started being, well to avoid spoilers, weird. As someone else said, it felt like I was living a chatroom creepypasta! Will definitely be looking out for whatever else you guys make!!!

This is brilliant!!! I can't wait to see more from this game, and from you devs! 

This was great!! I made sure to get all the endings. The changes in art style kept throwing me off a bit, but it wasn't a big deal. I loved Damme's voice acting!! The story could be a BIT hard to follow sometimes, but I overall enjoyed it. I'm so so impressed that you made this in a month!! Can't wait to see more from you! <3

Here's some actual critique: This could be really well done, if there was more directions. I was there for a while wandering the entire map because I didn't have any hint of what I was supposed to do once I woke up for the first time. Secondly, you can kind of tell there was some sort of story you wanted to tell..? But you didn't really get much of it other than "cult". Just a bunch of random, creepy encounters, which sort of bugged out sometimes. Otherwise it's a great first game :D

OH MY GOD, I LOVED THIS!! I absolutely fell in love with our adorable little mint!! The mother-son relationship (even with the gross stuff) is so cute!

I hated that. I really hated that ToT (as in I was scared shitless lmao). At the end tunnel sequence I started crying!! You really know how to make a scary game, well done!

Personally, I didn't really like it? The description made it seem like there was a story, but there wasn't by the time the monster is introduced. Would've liked to know what granny and gramps were doing and what the monster has to do with them lol. Also, the RUN scenes were a little too sudden and intense for me personally, with the loud music and shaking camera. Excited to see what you do next though.

I can only really get the ending where Psyche doesn't get to be with Eros/Or accepted and is alone... if I try to do something else, It ramps up the loneliness WAY too fast and then I have to spend a bunch of crunch time to ease the loneliness, and building up curiosity is very hard. Even on the third playthrough, when skipping thru all the dialouge, it feels hopeless to get a good ending.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! I am in love with your character!! Please, do more things with him, my heart can't take it T^T <333