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It's 8 episodes in! You can find it on any podcast program. 

As an upgrade it's meant to be basic attacks, but a GM could make it flashier if they want!

Oh those are completely up to the GM! Multiple times are no problem!

It was a reward for Kickstarter backers

Her and Carol, yeah.

I mean, I don't see why not! 

Honestly I haven't been able to forget this comment since you made it, so for Solo But Not Alone 3 I'm writing one.

Ah, sorry to be late replying!

What I mean is, of the prompts you've written, 10 of them should reduce the resource. They can be any cards you choose, but mathematically there should be around 10 cards chosen to do this.

I love this game. It's comfy and easy to play! 

Oh dang, a cursed sword version sounds incredible!

If you ever want to tell Claire and Cumula's story, just reach out and we can play! <3 

Thanks so much for taking the time to flip through Heroic Chord! I loved hearing your take, and was delighted watching you fall in love with the Cavalier.

I've run sessions as short as 1 hour or as long as several hours!

As for number of players, I find 3 or 4 easiest to manage

Oh, sure thing! Done!

MekTeks was a blast to watch on the Marathon for Choice! 

This game makes for an amazing addition to a stream event, so if you're looking for a mech anime one-shot for a stream or podcast that'll keep your audience hooked, look no further!

Type-10 and Type-11 were planned as backer exclusives, so for right now Type-10 is just available here.

Updated to say I did try that! I've been working on a Calligraphr font for a bit, but I think it'll need more work before it can make a whole game! That said, this is a great idea that I'm definitely coming back to when my handwriting is neater!

I'd love it if you would post it here! 

I don't see why not! Adventures take work too!

Innovative, flexible, super-cute, and really well-written! I was immediately taken back to the pulpy kids books I used to devour. 

Absolutely worth picking up, it's a ton of fun.

I loved watching this again! Thanks so much for linking your playthrough - I'm so glad you enjoyed the game.

You're too sweet! I'm so glad you found it meaningful. Really, thank you so much.

"Hippos are the most dangerous creatures alive. They have no God"
If you are reading this comment and have not bought this game, trust me, you must read this game.

This game is absolutely dreamy! I love the visual design and the writing in equal measure - it's evocative and gives off the most wonderful "forbidden text" vibes. 

Yes! I'm gonna give Calligraphr a try for sure!

If you're doing your own graphic design for the first time and don't have expensive software, Photopea works really nicely! It's basically a free online photoshop.

(I also have no idea what to do. The only game ideas I have right now are kind of big ones! )

I would love that! Please do!

UPDATE: My choice would be the Carta SRD.

A lot of people have used Carta to make their first ever TTRPG, and if I can give that opportunity to more people through translation, I want to do that! 

The plain text version is free at and I'll make sure the translated version has a proper layout~! 

I would love for any of my games to get a translation! If any of them speak to one of the translators in this jam, I'll be happy to provide plaintext and do layout for the final version!

Done and done. Thanks for the reminder to re-up them!

Genuinely the jam is a perfect fit for the two games on my desk right now except that both of them are pretty big. Which is fine - I'm not going to make anyone handletter a multiple-page tome of a game, including myself. But they'll be a lot of work.

Does anyone know what they'll be doing? Has anyone started yet?

This looks so interesting! Can't wait to see what it grows into!

I'm not picky about these things! I'm glad Carta helped you make your game. 

If you feel like it, a link would be lovely, but it's completely your call. Also I'd love to see it either way!

This game is absolutely dreamy! I love the fusion of Harmony Drive and Five Elements!
Even though I don't know anything about K-Dramas, this game made me want to know more!

Can't wait - make sure to let us know!

A really gorgeous add-on to any TTRPG with magic in it, to help personalize your magic and add a little sparkle.

A perfect game to play on a lazy afternoon. Love it!

A gorgeous game that knows its theme and drives it home on every page. 

I love that this is a more thoughtful and philosophical take on what is normally a high-octane shoot-first-ask-questions-later sort of SRD! A must for any LUMEN fan or revolutionary!

A fast-paced and exciting take on another, more contemplative game! I love the pairing of this and Mariann: Soul Detective! Having a game for gently ushering souls to the afterlife and another game for kicking their asses is absolutely inspired.
Definitely pick this game up, hopefully while it's itchfunding.

MONSTER GUTS does such a wonderful job of preserving the pace and style of Monster Hunter! I adore it - it's a game made with a lot of thought and attention. Definitely worth your time.