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Yes yes YES YES


I'm both sorry for your loss and so, so happy I could be of even small assistance. 

Oh how wonderful! Thanks for showing me!

I can't believe I never wrote a public review!

This game is my happy place. It revolutionized the way I think of solo TTRPGs by giving me an experience and a character I could come back to again and again. 

If you're looking for a solo TTRPG with some real meat to it, this game is mechanically satisfying as well as being thoughtful and sweet. Huge, huge recommend. 

A really lovely Carta game! I love the use of the remaining cards as the Opportunity Deck!

Oh that sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see it!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah!! I love that!

Might be my favorite horror game to be completely honest. As a Silent Hill Enjoyer, I adore the game's structure for the way it encourages players to be shitty but still protagonists, and GMs to be mysterious and scary in their storytelling.

I want to write a Locus setting / hack but racking my brain for mechanics to add or change turns up nothing, this game is basically perfect.

Sure thing! There's a form you can use to email me at !

I played this game last night! It's been great company while I've been ill and couchbound.
In typical Catscratcher Studios fashion, the tables give the game replayability and a delightful sense of the unexpected. I really felt like I was the bard and had to think on my feet! 

I just finished playing a round of this game! I went with something a little more Digimon inspired as prep for an upcoming Animon Story game, and had a wonderful time describing how these two went from being friends to partners!

This game is really a delight, recommend! 

Happy to! I also reuploaded with clearer wording too.

Most of the Stolen Hymnals have 30 health, and most of the new Angels have 3 or 4?

Attack distances vary but are listed specifically under Attacks.

I can bump the submission period again! 

Sounds good to me!

At the time you sent this message, I hadn't!
But, I'm working on an expansion that goes more into the unique ways Hymnals can develop, so now I am!

Fixed! Thanks again~!

Oh dear! I need to re-upload, then - thanks for letting me know!

The goal here is to create a game tied to who you are, and I think exploring your heritage absolutely fits the bill!


Absolutely! I'm working on that tagged PDF so it should be ready in time! 

Oh, that's a good idea! It's simple enough, yeah!

Extension done! ❤️

I did an extension anyway ❤️

Alas! But, the important thing is that you make it, even if it's not in time for the jam.

That's so exciting! Please let me know when it's available - I know some Portugese-speakers I'd love to share it with!

Don't worry! That's a "should" to encourage people to make new games rather than submitting old projects. You're good.

This is so dreamy! The poetry of it makes it extremely, extremely real. 

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! I can't wait to see!

Why wouldn't it be?

I'm delighted that Carta is a stepping stone to the games you want to write! 

Stop wishing for your perfect cyberpunk game, cowards.

It's right here.

Aww, thanks so much!

I'm so glad you had fun! <3 

I'm doing it. 

I'm even getting a wetland biologist to write a little "About the Great Blue Heron" section.

Thanks for the reminder! They're all topped up!

Hey, you reading this.
Stop saying "we should play a mecha campaign" to your game group and just buy Steel Hearts.

How exciting! I can't wait!

Please feel free to share, especially if you're building a group!

The quickstart is also free, so that's an option too.

Yep - the Stiletto and Kusarigama were backer Hymnals for the Roar to Heaven Kickstarter and Itchfund campaigns! 

Thanks a ton for the support! ❤️