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thank you!

before o spend money on this, which gender are you playing? Or do you have a choice?

okay. It would be nice to have more female oriented scenes, but I do like the game overall playing as a female.

Are sexual scenes focused on f/m or same sex?

thank you!

before I go into this, is there a gender I can select? Or is it pre selected?

I like dress up games, even at the age of 22. This is pretty simple with a twist and a time-limit. Overall, it was fun for a few minutes, but games like this always become tedious quick. As a short dress up game, love the art work and the hair/clothing/etc. 

This is some choice entertainment. The animation and art style is so irresistibly charming, not to mention the dialog had me sympathetic and rolling on the floor laughing, just because of the absurdity of the situation. I managed to avoid a physical fight, so I am pretty happy with the end :) Love the game

Interactive games like this inspire me. Text adventures in general are my cup of tea and this game was an interesting one. Worth the time I played and kudos to the variety of men you meet and the endings that keep true to the personalities.


if you received my chicken, she did cross the road and will bring you luck ^^

thanks to -mom, please- for the weird a** bow. made my night

Cute. I kind of understand what you were going for, but it quickly hits a point where I find myself bored. And confused. not to mention I keep getting blocked? Mostly it is fun for the humor.

Not what I expected. It was better! Truly, I did not expect such unpredictable endings. Will play a dozen more times!

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Review


I was quickly addicted to this game. Not only was the artwork cute, as well as visually pleasing, but the array of choices one has to make and characters one gets to meet is extraordinary! It is too hard not to get attached to all the folks and creatures you meet on this journey, with the option to be a king or queen as an awesome perk. The music too was lulling. The dynamic and overall style of this game was perfect and had I not completed it in less than an hour, I would still be playing through the night just to watch my city slowly grow in the background.

I admit, I was not expecting much going in. I was delightfully proven wrong in my low expectations. Excellent work to the creator and I expect promising things in the future.

I was not expecting to play this game multiple times, much less the challenge of beating each high score igniting a competitive fire in me. The suggests are so absurd! But the impact they make is unexpected and really makes you think about what benefits the balance between the company and its customers. 

This is a well put together game, albeit short. Certainly worth my time and entertaining. 5/5

Similar to Fish Market, this is a simple, cosmic exploration game. The variety of aliens you can come across is fun and all the signs in every room that tell you what Earthlings get into in a casino is funny to read. They were probably the best part of the game! I did happen to find an alien I particularly enjoyed. He hung from the chandelier with a goofy grin on his face, as if he were hiding from the player. 

Again, I would like to see simple interactive features, but overall, for what it is and is meant to be, this is a well-made game.

A very simple, cute and colorful game! All the little fishy puns and purposeful misspellings just added to the charm! Exploration games are becoming a trend and this one, while short, is a wonderful addition to a new style of gaming. I can see both children and adults enjoying walking around a virtual fish market under the sea. I do, however, would like more interactive features be added if possible in the future, such as being able to buy the items being sold. Maybe even having simple conversations with fish?