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thats what happen if you buy too much ammo/spamming buy button

Sadly this game is full of stupid assholes

the link don't work..

just go to directly

can't login today :( whats wrong?

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No sounds for melee attacks or casting spells are missing.

I sent 4 Dollars for your awesome game.

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- If you got mining drones on other layers, they doesn't go to the other layers. Once you click a tile      beside those drones they left the layer and start to work.

- Text in menu for pump and generator is weird. ->power from coolant / coolant from power (in what ratio?)

- I didn't found any end of game or exit

- In browser mode there is no save game

- It started lagging in browser with 100 drones. That's not much for a drone game. (AMD FX-8350/16GB RAM-1866MHZ / NVIDIA-GTX1660 GamingX

Suggestions and Improvements:

- Add a workload info for service drones to know when you need to add more drones

- Add overview for drone counts and their consumptions

- Add some info for power distributor cause its behavior is actually unknown. Same counts for collector effectivity in research

- Add more research and show its improvements in precent or something

- Add color on menu and research items to show if you can afford them

- Maybe add a effective range for the collector

- Add option to disable path and mining particle effects for better performance

- Add icons for drones and buildings in menu

- It shouldn't be possible to research more than 1 item at the same time