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this game is like peeing on urself... everyone can see it but only u get the warm feeling it brings.... warning: looong block of text below hahaha

A visual novel about gay Asians??? Am I dreaming?  Like did you somehow teleport into my mind and read my thoughts? Because that should be outlawed! You executed exactly what I was looking for so well that I somehow feel violated!!! LMAO but seriously... As a gay South Asian, I was already super interested in the game just from the screencaps. A lot of times people exclude us and forget that we are Asian too!! It was just a breath of fresh air to really feel represented for once. The story and artwork was just amazing, it was so realistic (well maybe except for the knife-wielding...) and the relationship development was just beautiful. And god I probably actually laughed out loud like 10 times. The messages between the characters really felt like conversations I might have with my friends, nothing felt forced or out of place. I especially admire how Min and Diya's relationship was portrayed, it wasn't rushed, too unrealistic, or forced.  Their relationship was just that of a normal teenage gay couple (again minus Min's urge to stab her enemies whoops). Thank goodness I didn't have to relive yet another grown man's embarrassing lesbian fantasy wet dream-type story. 

If there's anything I would critique it's that in the beginning Diya should not introduce herself directly (you know, the "hi, i'm so-and-so and i'm just a boring teenage girl, welcome to my sad life" trope). Remember, SHOW not TELL! :) Also, the sound effects sometimes were too loud in comparison to the text noises and the background music. And in case people don't understand what the "pani" in "pani puri" is, it can be translated to "tamarind water." It's really sweet, sour, and spicy, not just spicy! Imagine an extra-sour lemon but with chili flakes and sugar on it!

Solid 10/10 from me! I would looooveee a sequel to follow up with all of the characters in their futures!

PS: I'm from Bangladesh! In Bengali, there is no hello, except the Muslim greeting, but there is a "How are you?" Romanized, it would be something like "Tumi kamon acho?" "I like to fart" = "Ami paad dhi te phochondo kori." Love the game; hope to see your future works! :D