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Thanks for this awesome demo. It plays really well. I especially love the bridge background used for survivor and time attack. I Look forward to more updates. 

I covered this version on my YouTube channel 馃憞

See it in action 馃憞

Keep up the great work Thiago!

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Thanks, this really is awesome. I covered this on my channel too, it too awesome not too. 

I streamed this earlier, and it's fantastic. I'd love to be able to zoom the play area in and out using the shoulder buttons. But either way, thanks for this release. 

Link to Video

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Thanks for this excellent game, I look forward to more updates. I covered this game on my channel, as it's too awesome not too

What a banger, I can't wait for the full release.

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Thanks, I love the amount of love that has gone into this, the attention to detail is amazing. 

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This is a wonderful project. I enjoyed messing around with it on the Analogue Pocket

Thanks, the game is a lot of fun. I like the soundtrack

A lot of fun. Level 2 gets tough. Also cannot crouch when you have a cat poer-up. Just editing a video. I'll have it up on my yotube channel tomorrow.

You can run this on mobile via an emulator.

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Great demake. Thanks so much for this. I covered it in my channel

Thanks for this. Game feels great to play. I made a video on my channel about it

Amazing work!

I've made a video about this on my YouTube channel. Let me know, if you want anything additional added to the description?