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You can run this on mobile via an emulator.

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Great demake. Thanks so much for this. I covered it in my channel

Thanks bro 馃憤馃徑 I covered it in a video

Everything you do with this project is appreciated, I know you don't have controller, no worries. The game is awesome. I just think it'll get played more with controller support.

Have a great day, my friend. 

Hey buddy, just tried the controls, which are a welcome addition. 


Movement is mapped to analogue stick and not Dpad (both would be good)

I'll use North,East, South and West for button locations. Currently South is attack which is okay, jump is North, when it should be East (closest to NES controls). 

My favourite config, is the one used in majority of games. West attack and South jump. 

Will try and get around to it and provide feedback. Thanks.


Btw, would love controller support, the f possible.

Will do, keep up the great work 馃憤馃徑

Great remake. I made a video on my YouTube channel

Thanks for this. Game feels great to play. I made a video on my channel about it

Amazing work!

I've made a video about this on my YouTube channel. Let me know, if you want anything additional added to the description?